Do clothes make the scene?

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Question: Many enthusiasts speak of the setting or attire as paramount in their interest for spanking. Do you find that your clothing or that of the spankee is often important? Granted the spankee almost always loses all or part of any clothing. What attire or scenes are most often employed in your experience?

Ms. Victoria says: I am one to dress in business casual with a bit of a twist. Sometimes, clients wish to create a scene where a change in attire is needed, and I am happy to oblige within reason.

As for the spankee, what’s important to me is that they are comfortable and clean. I do not have a dress code aside from cleanliness. And, again, sometimes a role play calls for a particular outfit for the spankees as well.

Usually, if in a requested scene, I am playing a wife, girlfriend, teacher, boss or babysitter/nanny. I don’t do mommy scenes for reasons I’m sure anyone could understand. Roleplay is a lot of fun to me and I’m quite good at it 😉

Attire can help with a scene but honestly it’s more about the energy that is exuded. That’s what really sets the stage and holds space for the session to unfold.

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3 Responses to Do clothes make the scene?

  1. KDPierre says:

    I’ve been doing stuff like this for a long time and over that time my opinions and tastes have changed or evolved. I used to like more leather and link, fetish-oriented clothing early on. Then I sort of gravitated towards the ‘business attire’ look for a disciplinarian……but now? I love ‘everyday casual’ so much that if Rosa was serious about a punishment, and she showed up in fetish gear, I wouldn’t think she was serious.

    Of course the occasional BDSM roleplay is nice for a change and to lighten things up…..and for those times costumes of some kind do set the mood for the scenario. Being from South America, Rosa one time dressed in psuedo-guerrilla fatigues and cap so she could ‘interrogate’ me. It was fun.

  2. tomy says:

    Personally I love eye candy and the business attire is fine for me. I admit I do like seeing some legs 🙂 . But experience has taught me that once a disciplinary session is underway “appearances” completely disappear as a factor.

  3. Tom says:

    One thing that is important to me if I’m going to be spanked is that the lady wear a skirt or dress. I love it when she sits down and tucks up her skirt so I see the lap I’m going over.
    And if I’m the one giving the spanking, I love the ritual of lifting the skirt and pulling down the panties.

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