How to spank … and a refresher

Miranda Kane is a UK-based “writer, performer, comedian …” who states that she “used to be a Sex Worker – phone sex, webcamming, escort and Dominatrix, I’ve done it all…and I’m happy to tell you all about it!”

Miranda recently published A beginner’s guide to spanking: Everything you need to know about making an impact in Metro (online). It is a good overview of key issues for new spanking enthusiasts and a solid reminder of those issues for the experienced. As Miranda writes:

Spanking has been a popular activity in the bedroom for centuries. It was mentioned in the ‘Harris’ list of Covent Garden Ladies’ (a Georgian review of prostitutes in London), with one practitioner being described as using ‘more birch rods in a week than Westminster school in a twelvemonth’. …

Read it all here.

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One Response to How to spank … and a refresher

  1. KDPierre says:

    It’s nice to see for once someone not totally avoid the notion of spanking as punishment. (even if it was just one or two lines) Very refreshing! It takes only the slightest change in tone and technique to make this an effective bit of discipline, but it still seems to be the one area of spanking that s most misunderstood.

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