Thursday Thoughts – My mate does not want to do it

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Question: I have a real spanking fetish, and need to be paddled on occasion. I think it would be especially cathartic when I have done something wrong. Although not a prude my wife has shown little interest, but I cannot get the idea out of my head. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on this? How might I interest her?

Ms. Victoria says: I think it’s great idea and kudos for having the courage to give it a go.

In relationships, it’s best to address things right as they come up or happen to prevent misunderstandings, built up frustrations, or resentment. It allows both partners to handle things accordingly, and then move on. Not only is the spanking important, but so is the dialog around it. The issue at hand is discussed, and thoughts/feelings made clear.

As for how to interest her….perhaps just bring up the subject. Tell her you would be interested in trying this, and explain to her how you feel it could benefit your relationship.

Editors Note: See also How to introduce BDSM to the bedroom without terrifying your partner at GQ (UK) online).

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