Miss Jenn Davis announces travel

Miss Jenn Davis has two upcoming trips going to Dallas in August & then Las Vegas for Shadow Lane.

Trip dates are:

Dallas, Aug 10 – 11th
Las Vegas, Aug 31 – Sep 3

If you would like a trip over her lap, it is best to contact her through her website: http://www.missjenndavis.com

For those of you that are not in one of those lucky cities, or her home city of Seattle, you can listen to some of her audio clips.  These can be either custom or pre-made, and can be obtained at:


You can also call her if you’d like to talk about spanking on the phone.  Contact her through her website if you’d like to know more about phone sessions.

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One Response to Miss Jenn Davis announces travel

  1. Sub Bob says:

    I have a question about a problem that entire “traveling-spankers” group have solved: The Noise Problem.

    Miss Jenn has a few clips that show her work POV and she is clearly in a hotel. How do you find hotels that accept the noise? Do the experts rent adjoining rooms (which does not prevent sounds making their way into the hall and the hotel’s rooms above and below the play room)?

    Does anybody have suggestions about how to locate sound-safe play areas (aside from commercial dungeons, and private dungeons)? I’ve noticed that the majority of the blogs and lists have answers along the lines of what are the quietest implements – but not of locations that permit use of the full range of toys & bottom’s noises? TIA – BTW I’m in southern Los Angeles County and we have thousands of hotels – but I have found no directories of spanking-friendly hotels or motels. There are those $4,000.00 / night bungalow suites along the Pacific – and I’m equally certain that the Chateau Marmont’s bungalows would be just fine – if I had a few million to spare….

    Anybody have suggestions?

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