Amelia Rutherford misbehaves

The folks at Firm Hand Spanking remain busy keeping their charges in line, and meting out discipline. The lovely Amelia Rutherford has run afoul of the rules … again … and she is required to endure a hair brush. It is a shame that her bodacious bottom must so suffer … or is it? Link here.

All-nude wooden hairbrush spanking leaves Amelia Rutherford’s bottom sore
The crack of a wooden hairbrush on the beautiful bare bottom of politician’s wfe Amelia
Rutherford means she’s driven Earl Grey to distraction again. Totally nude Amelia is
soundly spanked, the red marks of the hairbrush on her bottom and thighs clear evidence
of her ability to overstep the boundaries and the need for discipline.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I miss behave all the time I need that

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