Thursday Thoughts – Is it in the genes (jeans?)?

Thursday Thoughts is a weekly column in which Ms. Victoria Kay, a Phoenix-based Disciplinarian and Spankologist, provides her insights to reader questions or those posed by All Things Spanking. Thursday Thoughts columnns are archived on a page of its own in addition to being available through the normal search feature. Please email if you wish to suggest a question for Ms. Victoria.

Question: Many spanking enthusiasts can think back to an event, book, movie, etc. that they feel piqued their interest in this thing we do. Others say they were born being hard wired to be into spanking. What are your thoughts on the origins of adult spanking interests, and which camp are you in, Ms. Victoria? Is there a specific occurrence in your life that you think led to your current approach and style?

Ms. Victoria says: Let me take this on a bit of a spin. Our bodies contain meridians, energy lines or pathways if you will, that run throughout our body. On our bottoms there are sexual meridians. There are two of them, one on each cheek, that get stimulated during Spanking, and sexual energy is a very powerful force! Also, there is a high concentration of nerves there. Even further, endorphins are released during spanking (the feel good biological chemical we get from vigorous movement). Continue on to the beauty of surrendering and the stress release during and after a good spanking/paddling – that big sigh or multiple ones even – making way for a feeling of refreshment. And, the mental component of taking a challenging spanking proves to leave us feeling more capable in life…stronger.

The psychological aspect from childhood I’ve come to understand is from two things:

  1. Feeling cared for, and
  2. Having a fantasy about receiving a bare bottom spanking from a woman in charge.

So, I think that a combination of things creates the strong interest and love.

I came to discover these things when I intriguingly went out on a limb, and explored this wonderful world of spanking. Honestly, my love for spanking is in part because of all the very positive experiences I have had with clients.

As for style and approach, I was mentored at first, but then through experiential understanding began to develop my own authenticity which you will just have to come experience for yourself. 🙂

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