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Today, All Things Spanking initiates a new feature entitled Thursday Thoughts. It is a column in which Ms. Victoria Kay, a Phoenix-based Disciplinarian and Spankologist, provides her insights to reader questions or those posed by All Things Spanking. Thursday Thoughts will also be archived on a page of its own in addition to being available through the normal search feature. Please email if you wish to suggest a question for Ms. Victoria. Without further ado, here we go.

Question: Many bottoms feel it is important that a spanker know the effect of various implements they use. What prompted or encouraged you to spank, and have you felt the sting of your implements? Do you consider this important?

Ms. Victoria:
First of all I want to say, Thanks for having me on your blog!

Yes, it is very important as a Top to be aware of what’s happening on the Bottom.

When I Bottom, I prefer hand spanking but have tested out and occasionally receive my implements. As a Top, there is an art to orchestrating a good spanking and that art has a lot to do with what order the implements are given in and of course the various intensities. Implements are interesting in how they can deliver differing experiences based on how you use them and/or what feeling preceded it. I am a very conscious spanker and intuitive as well 😉

As for what encouraged me to Spank….well, I was introduced to Spanking by the lovely Ms. Elena Rochelle (upstate NY), fell in love with it and never looked back. Honestly I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for what Spanking had brought to my life and couldn’t imagine life without it <3

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  1. John says:

    Great Start. I’ll be looking forward to Thursdays

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