More Zen and Spanking

Rebekah Holt has described herself as “a journalist and human guinea pig from New Zealand who is resentfully based in Australia.” She recently attended a tantra themed workshop presented by Caitlyn Cook and Jesse Thomas-Hall on zen and spanking. Rebekah chronicles her participation in a recent article posted online by The Spinoff.

Zen and the art of getting your ass spanked

Tomato Via Rebekah Holt’s page

Interested in getting kinky but don’t know where to start? A spanking class could be just the introduction you’re looking for. …

It’s April 2017, a sunny afternoon in Melbourne, and I am down on all fours in leggings and a shirt in front of another woman. She’s pleasant, youngish, and also from New Zealand.

If you walked in right now it would look like a yoga class, like someone getting a correction to their pose.

But she is actually asking me if I would like her to spank me. …

Read it all here.

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  1. fondles says:

    I’ve just found your blog and have been catching up on the links you’ve shared. There are so many!

    Looking forward to coming by more often. Will add you to my blogroll!

    (BTW, I’m a spankee, and on the right hand side of a DD/lg relationship. Feel free to come by for a visit :))

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