It is not only canes in Singapore

From the SouthChina Morning Post magazine:

Singapore’s Warehouse Hotel is naughty and nice, with a spanking paddle in every room, old-school menu and dazzling design

What is it? It’s a 37-room heritage prop­erty on the banks of the Singapore River. It’s also a distinctly fruity accommodation option for the Lion City, thanks to a history dating back to 1895, when the original warehouse was a godown, a hotbed of bootleggers and euphemistically named “underground activity” benefiting from access to the Malacca Strait. In the 1980s, it was home to The Warehouse nightclub.

Blimey! So how exactly does “fruity” translate in Singapore today? Well, “Minibars of Vice” in the rooms showcase Southeast Asian products in three categories: “Gluttony”, such as salted egg yolk crisps; “Vanity” for locally made beauty products; and “Lust” for naughty treats.

Such as? A peacock feather, a spanking paddle and black-out eye shades – why do you ask? …

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