A word about housekeeping

All Things Spanking provides a free service to list Disciplinarians worldwide. We focus on those who engage almost exclusively on spanking, corporal punishment (CP), or domestic discipline as that is the niche we serve. Admittedly, some are listed who venture from that niche, but they have a specific CP expertise or unique style.

From time-to-time, we review the listings to assure the links are still active and pertinent. If not, we delete or amend the listing. As with any of us, Disciplinarians may change their web host, URL, etc. If that is done, and we do not know about it, a valid referral may be deleted. So, I ask that you help us and your fellow enthusiasts by alerting us to any missing Disciplinarians or by recommending people for inclusion on this list. We strive to list Tops, bottoms, or switches who so desire.

Thanks for your help, and ongoing readership.

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