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Here’s to the World is a relatively new blog on Tumblr that focuses on stories related to spanking of all variations, domestic discipline, and female led relationships. A recent post consolidated Parts 1-9 of their inaugural story, The Babysitter. In this tale, David’s wife has out-of-town commitments over the Summer, and feels that David is not capable of properly caring for himself or their home. So, she retains the services of another woman to keep David on the straight and narrow. David meets the woman in Part 1 where we read:

The Babysitter Parts 1-9

… “Hi David, I’m Miss Amy. We’re going to be spending the summer together!” she said with bright enthusiasm. “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun, don’t you?” David could only stammer out “yeah I guess” before his wife came quickly down the stairs. Her taxi to the airport had arrived. He helped her with her luggage & they said their farewells. Amy followed them out & waved goodbye. As David watched the taxi wheel away he felt Amy reach down & take his hand. “Why don’t you & I go inside & have a little chat.” she said, & led him back into the house, both gently & firmly. …

I urge you to follow the link to read the entire saga. It is well written, and will capture your attention.

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