Julie’s schoolgirl saga

I have referred to Strict Julie on a number of occasion. Normally, she is dealing with her husband david’s misdeeds or her desire to spank him … just because. Of late, however, Julie has been sharing a bit about her evolving (?) subbie side. In particular, she has just concluded a six part saga of her schoolgirl fantasy, and its repercussions with her friend Tracy and her husband John. Julie is a fantastic writer who allows her followers to feel, along with her, the emotions and sensations of the moment. I re-post from Julie’s blog the opening paragraph of each part of the saga along with a link to the entire post. If you have not yet read this, I urge you to do so.

Schoolgirl Punishment (part 1)

As I related in my previous blog post, Another Paddle, Another Paddling!, Daddy and Tracy together had cooked something up for me. A nasty new paddle was involved; and I was to present myself as a schoolgirl in a short skirt. I was going, however, with the intention of taking things much further than either Tracy or her husband John could possibly dream of if the opportunity was right. …





The Schoolgirl Fetish

So what is it about this schoolgirl fetish thing anyways? …





Schoolgirl Punishment (part 2)

As you can read from the previous installment, I was role playing a naughty schoolgirl, and my friend Tracy was my Mommy, and her husband John my Daddy, and I had earned myself a spanking, both for my poor report card, and for my choice of panties. …







Schoolgirl Punishment (part 3)

So we started in on the roleplay. Tracy was my Mommy. Her husband John was my Daddy. I was their naughty school-aged daughter with the bad report card and the inappropriate panties, waiting with my nose against the wall for Daddy to get home. I don’t remember all the dialog exactly, but I’ll recreate the gist of it without bothering you further. …



Schoolgirl Punishment (part 4)

Continuing the recounting of my latest role-playing experience with my friend Tracy and her husband John. Tracy played my Mommy. Her husband was my Daddy. I was their naughty school-aged daughter with the bad report card and the inappropriate panties. Mommy had spanked me first, and then Daddy took me across his knee, and spanked my little caboose red with just his hard hand! …




Schoolgirl Punishment (part 5)

Where we left off in the previous installment is that I had gotten my bottom spanked by first Tracy and then by her husband John, and then Tracy had laid into me with a dozen strokes of the giant nasty paddle. I thanked her, and then I sat on John’s lap and thanked him also, and made my “special request”, which was asking them if John might possibly fuck me…





Schoolgirl Punishment (part 6)

So, up to now I’ve had to dress in a schoolgirl skirt, pose for photos, go over Tracy’s knee for a hand spanking, go over John’s knee for a hand spanking (!), take a nasty paddling from Tracy, take a belt whipping from Tracy, and then had to have sex with John (!!). You can understand why it’s been a six-part post! Mercifully, this is the last installment. …

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  1. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh! There’s my paddled red bottom and pussy poking out!
    Thank you for the shout out!

  2. Tim . says:

    You receive your big spanks young Julie .

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