Disciplinarians on the move in January & February

As many of you know, Backpage’s adult content has been censored, and they have been forced to take down any content related to the adult genre in the United States. You may see the notice posted by Backpage here.

The “buyer beware” caveat applied to any Backpage ad as it does to any online ad and response. Having said that, All Things Spanking knows that many of the advertisers who used Backpage are quality, reputable individuals or companies.

As a continuing service to readers, and as a means to help some of those caught in the vendetta against Backpage, we have initiated a new feature. In addition to our routine listing of Disciplinarian travel, we will now highlight (once or twice a month depending on response) their near term travel over the coming two months in the United States. This is not intended to slight travel undertaken by Disciplinarians outside the United States, but to fill a void that may exist due to the Backpage situation.

So, here goes with our late January 2017 edition of “Disciplinarians on the move.”
Alex Reynolds states that she “loves being spanked” and that “it’s at the very center of [her] being.” An accomplished professional spanking model, Alex is now based in Los Angeles where she shoots videos and takes private sessions. Alex also may have time foor private sessions when traveling depending on her schedule.

In either case, interested parties including producers may contact Alex at alexinspankingland@gmail.com.

Alex will be in Las Vegas from February 24 to 28 for the 50 Freaks Spanking Party.

Read more about Alex at http://alexinspankingland.com/play-with-me/
Dana Specht is a legend in the spanking community who has “long believed that corporal punishment is an excellent way to address unacceptable behavior in the life of adult men and women, a way to relieve guilt and reduce stress among those who understand their need to be disciplined by a true mother figure.”

Dana will judiciously evaluate any misconduct, and administer appropriate corrective measures. These typically range from old-fashioned, over-the-lap, bare-bottom spanking by hand, to the skillful application of the hairbrush, strap, paddle or cane.

Dana will be in Las Vegas from February 22 to 27 for the 50 Freaks Spanking Party.

Contact Dana here to inquire if she can meet with you.
Elizabeth Burns is a Phoenix-based Disciplinarian who will sting you like a cactus.

Her popping paddle has been all over the world.

Elizabeth will be in Baltimore from January 13 to 15, Detroit from February 1 to 2, Boston from February 3 to 4, and Seattle from approximately February 19 – 21.

Read more about Elizabeth at http://elizabethburns.com/

Jenn Davis of Seattle, WA, will have her eyes upon you in Dallas, TX on January 12 and 13.

Can those Texas tushies go beyond burnt orange to crimson red?

Jenn will then venture to Ft. Lauderdale on January 23 and 24 to bring her western swing to the southeast.

Details and contact information at Jenn’s website.


Lady Cloe is a a behavior modification specialist who admits to being a bit old-fashioned.

She feels that misbehavior should have memorable consequences. In her words, “when  adult … have been disrespectful or rude, then it is best for a short sharp shock.”

Lady Cloe most definitely has the power and wherewithal to administer a “sharp shock.”

February will find Cloe in Boston on the 19th and Hartford on the 21st.

Check out Lady Cloe at http://strictladycloe.wixsite.com/


Michelle (New Clarity OTK) has always been a nurturer, and loves to help “take care” of people. She cares whether or not people she engages with succeed, and if they are happy in their lives. Michelle is very good at what she does, and can help you achieve your goals … or repent.

Michelle will be in Detroit from January 19 to 20 and Newark, NJ February 9 to 11.

Michelle is available by email (NewClarityOTK@aol.com) or snail mail (Ms. Michelle D., P.O. Box 77, Birch Run, Michigan 48415).





Miss Chris is a well known Disciplinarian and Certified Professional Life Coach who has presented at many events, disciplined, and counseled many men and women.

She will stay close to home from January 20 – 22 to attend and present at the Southwest Leather Conference. Her presentation is on Domestic Style Discipline and Age Play. Something near and dear to many of we adults who dabble in this thing we do.

Miss Chris will then go on the road to St Louis from January 24 to 28.


Ophelia de Havilland is a UK-based Disciplinarian who “was born into a disciplined world. [Her] father was an aristocrat and ex cavalry officer, and extremely strict; it was common in families such as [hers] that children were seen but not to be heard. [She] had a Nanny, and it was h[the Nanny’s] duty to administer to all [Ophelia’s] daily requirements and to keep a firm reign on … behaviour. Consequently, [Ophelia] was frequently spanked from an early age until [her] early teens when Nanny was encouraged to use an extremely flexible boudoir cane.”

From such a disciplined upbringing was born a Disciplinarian who is cordial, quite communicative, but no-nonsense when it comes to handling naughty boys or girls. Ophelia is six feet tall, and has the ability to administer a memorable spanking whether by hand, cane, or other implement.

During February and March, Ophelia will be touring the United States. February stops are currently slated for Seattle (11 – 13), Portland OR (14 – 16), San Francisco (17 – 19), Las Vegas (20 – 21), NYC (22 – 26), and Dallas (27 – 28). As with any advance schedule, dates and cities are subject to change for a variety of reasons. Visit Ophelia’s USA Tour site often to remain up-to-date.

Sarah Gregory is a spanking model and Disciplinarian. After many years as a bottom, Sarah undertook her Top persona, and began administering discipline. She now considers herself 50/50 switch. Sarah adheres to a philosophy that many spanking enthusiasts espouse. That is that they can be effective Tops as they know what implements feel like, how it feels to be draped over a stern lap, to be bent over a chair, and what makes a good spanking for them. Hence, Sarah feels better equipped to give to others what they crave when it comes to receiving a spanking.

Based in Hartford, Sarah travels, and is pleased to meet with others when her schedule permits.

Sarah will be in Las Vegas February 22 – 27 for the 50 Freaks Spanking party.

Review Sarah’s travel page or email her at sarahgregory02@gmail.com for additional information or to inquire.

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