An exemplary caning

Over the Desk Spanking Stories is a blog that features stories with school and domestic themes. As they state: “All … stories feature realistic and true to life punishments. Indeed, most are based on real life events.”

Celia‚Äôs Exemplary Caning is the recollection of “a 1950s housemistress [who] recalls an episode in which a girl forced her to apply the ultimate deterrent.” It is a fun read that may take many of us back to the days when school corporal punishment was the norm.

Wherever you went to school, a paddle or cane was often employed. Not everywhere, I understand, but in many jurisdictions. In the USA, nineteen states still allow corporal punishment depending on individual school district policy. Its use is clearly diminishing for a variety of reasons. Yet, those of us who experienced or witnessed CP have lasting memories.

Use the links above to read all of Celia’s adventure. And, please share your experiences with school CP, if any.

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