SpankingBlogg’s saga

A few days ago, I noticed that the SpankingBlogg was offline. The link is still active, but leads to a blank screen at least for me. This seemed strange as SpankinBlogg has been a very successful site, and was in the midst of their annual Spanking Awards campaign. My worst fears were relaized today when I saw Tubaman’s (Lone Star Spanking Party’s co-founder) post on FetLife. Please join me in underscoring Tubaman’s disdain for such acts and best wishes to John as he overcomes this “opportunity.

As Tubaman posted:

John [publisher of the SpankingBlogg] is having to deal with idiot jackass hackers who hacked his very popular blog. He is working feverishly with his techie people to get everything back up. As soon as things are back up and running, he will get the Spanking Awards going again [and begin regulat posting]. Just please be patient in the meanwhile, and keep John in your thoughts and prayers.

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