An interview with Ms. Kimi

kimiMs. Kimi is a Denver-based Disciplinarian, and hosts local spanking parties. The dates of these events can be found on her website (, or on the events page at All Things Spanking. Ms. Kimi and I have been planning to chat for some time, and finally accomplished it. She is a delightful lady who thoroughly enjoys burning both male and female buns, and is quite effective in doing so. All Things Spanking hopes you enjoy getting to know Ms. Kimi a bit better, and welcomes your comments.

ATS: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. This has been a long time coming due to my procrastination. You offered to move things along with some “Ms. Kimi motivation.” Is that now off the table (lap?) as we are finally doing it?

MK: Hahaha! Next time I see you, you’re so going over my lap!

ATS: Promise? hmmmmm … OK, we better get to the interview. What do you like about spanking? Dislike?

MK: I love everything about it. I don’t think there’s a single thing I dislike, except, maybe when I bruise my hand doing it.

ATS: Many spankers admit they were interested in spanking since early childhood, but thought they were either “nuts” or didn’t understand the dynamic. You have commented that you allowed your interests to remain hidden until finally venturing out to your local BDSM club. Many of us have “recessive” years we wish we could regain, and satisfied our needs by fantasy, browsing the library, etc. Could you tell us about any such adventures you had?

kimi2MK: I had an incident in fifth grade where I smacked a friend of mine on the backside at a sleepover we were having. She went to school and told everyone I was a lesbian because I had done that. Of course, being gay wasn’t accepted like it is today. There was a lot of teasing that went along with the whole thing, it was traumatic for me, to say the least. So, I kind of locked it up until I felt I was safe and never got into much of that. (Other than scouring skin-a-max in my teens and checking out all of the centerfolds backside’s in my dad’s Playboy magazines.) I DID watch the spanking scene in The Secretary about a million times, too!

ATS: Spanking children is something neither All Things Spanking nor a wide range of adult spanking enthusiasts endorses. Spanking was a common form of punishment in many homes and schools in days of yore. Do you know what a spanking feels like either from youthful life experience, or as an adult? Many believe that a disciplinarian should know and understand the effect of her/his implements.

MK: First off, I feel that I must say, I am absolutely, 100% against spanking children.
I was spanked plenty as a child! (Can you say brat?!) Only a handful of times as an adult but, yes, I have some experience on the receiving end.

ATS: You have stated that: “One family I sat for gave me permission to spank. I only did so once, but I found the power and control exhilarating. I immensely enjoyed it!” This was back in the days when spanking children was still viewed as an acceptable means of punishment, not like today. What about this act impacted you in such a manner?

MK: Taking that power from someone was such a rush. Now, it’s given to me, but it’s still a phenomenal feeling.

kimi3ATS: You have hosted a monthly spanking party in the Denver area for some time now. Will this continue? Will Ms. Kimi’s parties be offered elsewhere?

MK: I’ve only hosted in Denver, but would be completely open to hosting it in other cities.

ATS: You are traveling more of late. Could you comment on that?

MK: I typically travel within the US, monthly. Omaha is usually my busiest city, and I go there often.

ATS: Many disciplinarians have started to combine coaching with their disciplinary style. This usually goes beyond role play, and allows the disciplinarian to help someone with a real-life issue. Do you engage in coaching of this manner?

MK: I do, but not often. I think that helping people is ingrained in me.

ATS: There are many different spanking styles such as maintenance, playful, judicial and so on. Do you have a favorite style? Why?

MK: Domestic discipline is very high on my list because it feels so natural to me. I also enjoy people who want to see how much they can take, really pushing their limits and allowing me to be the one who pushes. Not a style, but I love it nonetheless.

ATS: Do you have a favorite position for the spankee? What draws you to it?

MK: I love them all, but lately the wheelbarrow has been a favorite. I like how accessible someone’s backside is in that position. They are very exposed and vulnerable.

ATS: What is your favorite implement? Does it vary based on the type of spanking being delivered?

kimi5MK: I had a client who wanted to leave with severe bruising. SensualPaddles made me a Hickory Stick for the session. It is my favorite if someone is standing up and wants a very heavy session. OTK, my hand. Laying down flat, a cane.

ATS: Do your family and vanilla friends know what you do, and what do they think of it?

MK: My family is mostly gone, but the few who are alive don’t know. They’re very religious, and would probably disapprove. I don’t care if they find out, but there’s no reason to tell them either. A few of my vanilla friends know, and they like to tease me about it.

ATS: You offer videos via Clips4Sale. Have you worked with any of the other spanking studios, or do you plan to do so? How could an interested party obtain your material?

MK: I haven’t worked with any other studios lately. I was a guest spanker on RSN a very long time ago, and Mike and I are friendly when we see each other at the national and local parties. I work better on my own, but am always open to collaborating with others.

kimi6If you want to check out my clips you can visit my website or go straight to my clips store-

ATS: Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me, Ms. Kimi. Is there anything else you would like to comment on?

MK: Hmm, first I want to thank you for being so patient with me to respond! Also, thank you for the awesome service you provide for Disciplinarians, and the spanking community.

ATS: Thank you for your kind words, Ms. Kimi. Having patience with you was no problem. After all, you hold all the motivational tools.

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