She did it

Strict Julie has been paddled, and now knows it feels to be ignited. Without further ado, I urge you to read the brief excerpt below and then link to Julie’s blog for the entire story. As always, Julie is articulate, and paints a wonderful picture of the scene.

Julie Paddled!

Well, I did it, and OMG was it ever freakin’ painful!!! But fun! My butt is busted! …

Strict Julie before and after her paddling

Strict Julie before and after her paddling

“Ok, young lady… It’s that time. What time is it?” she asked.

“paddle time?” I answered.

“That’s right!” She picked up the paddle and she started rubbing it over my ass. Down low just where the letter said. The paddle was surprisingly cool. And the surface, I could already tell, felt hard.

I felt the paddle leaving my butt. And then nothing… nothing… then WHACK!

FUCK!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!

That paddle hurt SO freaking much!!!
And that was just, FUCKING, number 1!!!! …

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  1. jim sedrut says:

    Lovely !!

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