Some basic erotic spanking tips

Via defunct

Via defunct

Femina (online) included an article on spanking today. While it covers rather rudimentary tips, it is a primer for the novice spanking enthusiast and may remind the veteran of some things. And, spanking may (does) rank right up there with the other foreplay styles noted by the author. Not an afterthought.

Sexy ways to spank and be spankedForeplay is obviously an important component of a healthy, happy sex life. When you think you’ve tried all the usual naughtiness—different ways of kissing, licking, role play, toys and other sexy sundries, it may be time to introduce spanking to your sexual repertoire. Here are fun ways to spank and be spanked. …

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  1. markiee says:

    All wives should spank their husbands before making love.

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