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Seriously, if this budding Russian actress and model gets a kick out of dominating men, who really gives a Vodka? Its strikes me that a lot of show biz and model types do just that. Get a kick out of and practice BDSM, spanking, and whatever. Just like society as a whole.

Via The Mirror (UK):

Irina Dedyuk denies secret dominatrix past as raunchy video surfaces after X Factor audition

Irina-Dedyuk-cropX Factor hopeful Irina Dedyuk has denied her past as a secret dominatrix who reportedly ‘treated clients like slaves for £60 per session’.

The Russian model – who became a talent show sensation on Sunday night when she left Simon Cowell looking a little flustered during her audition – appeared on a website called Barb Girls under the name Katerina, in which she promised ‘clients’ a “cruel corporal punishment’ and “caning”.

However, Irina told Mirror Online that she has never “acting as a dominatrix”, explaining that the video – which was taken “from an acting project” she did in the past – was used without her knowledge. …

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  1. Tanner says:

    And then there is hot Playboy model and Baywatch Babe Pamela Anderson going all self-righteous and saying porn is only for “losers.” Too bad she never got spanked on Baywatch until her bottom was as red as those swimsuits they wore!

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