Spanking on Family Feud

kristiAwwwwwww, Kristi, it’s no more embarrassing than falling on your ass doing a triple axel. Especially if you’re the doer! An interesting slip of the tongue?

Via Uproxx:

Steve Harvey Flusters Kristi Yamaguchi With His Reaction To Spanking On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

… Host Kenan Thomps… er, Steve Harvey, asked [Bret] Hedican based on a survey of 100 married men, “sometimes I think my wife is going to BLANK me to death.” Hedican, takes a beat, breathes and responds, “Spank.” And laughs were had by all.

Except Yamaguchi, that is. See, she’s a little embarrassed. Maybe she and Hedican are into that sort of thing only she never expected he’d tell a couple hundred thousand people on national TV one random, summer Saturday night. …

Read it all and view the clip here

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