Spanking Punishment Versus Play

Micheal Masterson and Adriana at Lone Star 2016 [Photo by Sarah Gregory]

Micheal Masterson and Adriana at Lone Star 2016 [Photo by Sarah Gregory]

Michael Masterson writes on his FetLife page that he is a “long time spanko, full-time pervert, owner of I am now a fetish here [FelLife] …. Show your love here Like most true spankos, this has just been who I am for as long as I can remember. I was fascinated with spanking girls, well before I was ever sexually attracted to girls. In the late 90’s I turned my love for spanking into a career and built a little website … and we are still going strong after close to 20 years.”

Many of us have wrestled with the intersection of spanking as play versus punishment, or the often asked question: “How can spanking be punishment if s/he enjoys it?” I can personally attest that spanking can be a truly punishing experience regardless of one’s interest in it. Michael discusses these points extremely well in the following article that he originally posted on FetLife. We present it here with Michael’s permission.

When “too much” spanking is required…the big four.

I recently received a text from a friend asking some specifics regarding the use of very real discipline for a very serious offense, and how I would handle the situation. While there is certainly a fun and sexy side to spanking, even with disciplinary spankings, there are times that an offense needs to be dealt with in the worst possible manner. For me, these generally fall into what I call the “big four”, which are lying, stealing (or breaking any law), cheating, and anything that involves safety or personal well being. I take my role as a disciplinarian very seriously, and when something falls into the big four category, I deal with it in a manner designed to permanently extinguish such behavior.

After 15 years of spanking related blogging, there is always a lot of overlap in my writings, so bare with me if this seems similar to previous posts. As I have discussed countless times before, when it comes to the type of behavior described above, the spanking cannot just be a punishment, it really needs to be an event. For the naughty young lady with a spanking fetish, the 100’s of spankings she has received in the past start to blend together a little in her memory. But for anyone in which I have served as their disciplinarian, there is no doubt that they will never forget a punishment that dealt with one of the big four behaviors. Not all punishments are created equal, and being that behavior dictates discipline, when dealing with the big four, it literally has to equal or exceed the worst spanking she has ever received.

The question that was asked of me is whether, under the circumstances of this person’s behavior, with a specific severe implement to be used, if I would use anything else before moving on to this very intense implement. My response was that when dealing with the big four, there will never, ever, be any sort of warm-up at all. A warm-up, even when disciplinary in nature, only makes the entire process easier for the person in trouble. I want nothing about this process to be easy for her. In fact, I want it to be as absolutely grueling as possible from the moment it begins. The human body is an amazing thing and has the ability to cope with all sorts of negative stimuli, but these processes do take a little time. Once pain is applied to the body, in a serious manner, the body compensates quickly with endorphins and adrenaline. A warm-up, even an intense one, just gets these processes started, so by the time I move on to the “severe” portion of the punishment, it takes much more work on my part to achieve the same results as I would have achieved had I started as hard as I possibly could from the very beginning.

We are indeed talking about someone with a spanking fetish, who really has done something wrong, who actually needs to be physically punished as a result of her actions. And I, as her disciplinarian, need for this punishment to be one that she would never want to be repeated…EVER. Every part of the spanking must, and will suck, but that first 90 seconds is one of the most important windows for learning to take place. Remember, we are talking about someone, to some varying degree, who likes the physical sensations of being spanked. Well, until her body starts to compensate, and her mind takes her to that special place that allows her to take a harder spanking, I need to take full advantage of the opportunity before me.

Every time I have faced such a moment, I almost always rely on a wooden implement, as I feel that very few things can help shock her system quite as effectively. As much as I like large wooden school paddles, this is not my go to under these circumstances, as with the intensity of the punishment she is about to receive, it is just not realistic to think that she is going to be able to hold still and maintain her position. This is important because I do not have the luxury of waiting for her to get back into position each time, as the clock is ticking and the endorphins will soon be joining the party. For very severe disciplinary spankings, that are going to start exactly that way, I prefer over the knee. Specifically she will go over my left knee, so my right leg can be used to pin her legs into position. I will also generally fold her right arm behind her back and pin it into place with my left hand. Remember, while she will be restrained, this is a consensual spanking, between two adults in a trusting relationship, and the punishment will be well deserved. For a spanking of this nature, I will select a heavy wooden hairbrush/bathbrush or small but thick, heavy wooden paddle.

The spanking will be administered just as I would a very hard handspanking. I will swing the wooden implement as hard and as fast as I can possibly do so, while still maintaining an effective aim. Safety will always be a concern, and with such a heavy implement, I will steer very clear from her tailbone. My primary focus will be on the lowest part of her bottom and the VERY top of her thighs. The goal is to obviously create as much discomfort as possible to the parts of her anatomy that touch a seat when she sits down. While I will include the very tops of her thighs, with an implement this thick, I will not work down her legs at all. I do not think it is very safe to use such a thuddy implement directly on the back of her legs. The times that I have administered such a punishment, in the past, the initial spanking tends to last anywhere from 90 seconds to around 3 minutes. This is about as long as I can go before I get winded, my arm gets tired, and my technique starts to become sloppy. When spanking at this intensity, there is no room for poor technique, so the decision to stop is generally based more on my abilities than me thinking she has learned a lesson. It should also be noted that not everyone’s skin can handle a heavy hairbrush for an extended period of time at the highest levels of severity. For me, and we are all different, blood is something that never enters into the equation purposely. Yes, there will be times that skin inadvertently breaks as a result of a particular implement, dry skin, poor diet, etc., but I never enter into a punishment with the goal of making someone bleed.

When this initial spanking is over, depending on the circumstances that led her to this moment, we may or may not be done. If we are talking about life and death sort of issues (drinking and driving, excessive speeding, walking through a bar parking lot so drunk as to have no awareness of her surroundings, etc.), or something that could land someone in jail, clearly we are only getting started. I do however, think that the initial spanking to be one of the most important parts of the entire punishment. Even for the most seasoned spanko, 3 minutes with my hairbrush, on the bare, with zero warm-up, is something that they would not likely want to repeat, and that is exactly how it should be. We are talking about changing someone’s thought process in a manner in which they will make permanent adjustments to their behavior for the rest of their life. Some people will look at this as excessive, or even cruel, but I care enough about each and every person that has ever trusted me to discipline them, to make sure I do the best job that I possibly can. And when we are talking about their actual health and welfare…there is nothing I will not do to make sure they are always safe. If I need to beat their bottom in such a manner that they have to take a couple days off of work, as sitting is not an option, I will do it every time.

If more spanking is required, and if we are dealing with the big four it generally is, the goal at that point will be long term soreness. The initial spanking was meant to shock her system and provide her bottom with more pain than it has ever felt before. But now her body will begin to play catch up and she will be filled with an endorphin high like never before. I will use this to my advantage, and now I can I can move on to implements like my heavy wooden school paddles. Time is no longer of the essence, as the body is already helping her out and mitigating the pain. I am now free to take all the time that is needed to make sure that this is a very long lasting lesson. While initially endorphins were the enemy, now they are my friend. She will be able to take more, in whatever position I choose to put her in, and she will be able to handle it all better. While spanking someone when it is now easier for them to accept might seem contrary to what we are trying to accomplish, it actually works to our benefit. The first few minutes was enough intense pain to really teach a lesson, but lessons are not learned over just a few minutes. The rest of her punishment will be for the purposes of long term learning. I need for her to be forced to stop and think, for every single minute of the next few days, exactly what she did and why her bottom currently feels this way. With her endorphins running high, I can now really work her bottom in a manner that will make the next few days a living hell. Once again, we are talking about someone with a spanking fetish, which for most young ladies out there, involves at least a little bit of happiness, and heightened sexual feelings, as a result of being sore. So my goal will have to be a soreness that is not enjoyed in any shape or form. I am talking about the kind of soreness in which walking hurts her bottom. I want a young lady that chooses to stand in every possible situation for a couple of days, and has to squat over the toilet when she needs to pee.

This is generally accomplished with heavy and hard swats with a thick wooden paddle. My goal is not full coverage, I am going to layer the swats on top of each other, once again targeting the sit spot. I have talked about this previously, but it is worth noting here again, as it is a bit of an experiment I did several years ago that taught me a lot. Take a wooden chair in your house, and sprinkle the entire seat with baby powder of flower. Have her bare her bottom, take a plant mister and spray her bottom down so it is all a little moist. Have her gently sit, without excessive movement, and then stand right back up. Now take a look at her bottom and take a few pictures. Wherever there is powder on her bottom is your target area when trying to produce long term soreness, assuming that the part of her bottom where her tailbone sits is not covered with powder, as obviously we do not use heavy wooden implements on someone’s tailbone ever. She will be quite sore when the paddling begins, but she is going to be able to take them all much better than she did the first part. Hard bare bottom paddle swats tend to eventually lead to some numbness, which once again, is good for the overall learning process. I am now able to apply paddle swats far harder than she could generally take, which will help with the long term soreness. Once again, some might view this as excessive, but there is nothing I will not do for those that I care about, and if beating her bottom black and blue until she cannot sit or even sleep due to the soreness, and this is what is going to force a change in behavior to keep her safe, I will do so every time.

As with all of my posts, I have to include a disclaimer of some sort. I am not a novice, I have been doing this for many years, and I had been spanking dozens of times a week for at least ten years before I felt I was qualified to make these sort of decisions and to spank at such a severe level. I have read, practiced, researched, and even spoken to medical professionals before I ever considered anything even close to this. This is not for the new spankos, just learning the ropes. This is not for anyone in a relationship in which the woman in question has not asked for this. Spanking at this level, when done improperly can lead to permanent damage and injury. Disciplinary punishments, just like any spanking, should only be practiced between safe, sane, and consensual couples in a trusting and secure relationship. If you spank someone that does not want it, I hope you go to jail, and if I ever meet you, I will personally beat the shit out of you.

Link here to Real Spankings

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3 Responses to Spanking Punishment Versus Play

  1. james says:

    That’s quite an article to say the least.

    You mentioned the need for consent. When you are administering this type of spanking, do you honor a spankee’s withdrawal of consent, whether via a safeword or some other unequivocal expression that the spankee no longer consents? Has that sort of thing ever happened?

  2. Tanner says:

    A fine article and his company RealSpanking produces some great stuff. I do hope though that the World Spanking Forum he has been associated with will return. Its been down over a month, when you visit it says its closed for software upgrades. Hope that is the case and its not gone like some of my favorite forum message boards, especially Spanking Classics.

  3. Michael Masterson says:


    Consent is never permanent and can be withdrawn at any point in time. Anyone at anytime, whether on camera or in my personal life has the ability to stop whenever they want. The people that I discipline I know very well and have never had a scene stopped in RL discipline. There might be the need for a break, but they generally take what they have earned.


    The forum is indeed down, but not dead. We had an issue that crashed it for an extended period of time, which was fixed. It is currently down because I decided to make a major change and move. We will be running the latest and greatest forum software, which will allow all sorts of new features like videos, friends list, mobile support, and so much more. But I decide to move it off of our server, to a cloud based server and there is a lot to take this old forum and migrate to new software and location, while keeping the old database alive and well. We are very close now.

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