The Hunteress is retiring 2016-06-03 18-33-27The Hunteress (Cassie Hunter), a UK-based Domme, announced earlier this week that she will be retiring. She states, “I will be conducting sessions up until approximately August 11th, but this date may also be brought forward. So if you have been intending to see me for some time, and have not yet got your arse in gear, then you had best do it soon, as I will not be seeing anyone after this date.”

Cassie is regularly updating her travel schedule on FetLife, and we will also publish those cities and dates on the All Things Spanking Traveling Spankers’ page.

The Hunteress was very helpful to All Things Spanking over the years in answering general questions related to the spanking scene, and also granting us an interview in 2013. We are immensely grateful for that help. Follow the link to reread the interview, and also search in our archives to see other things we have posted related to The Hunteress or Cassie Hunter.

Cassie has requested that everyone respect her privacy and not ask questions about her future direction. That is a perfectly reasonable request that we all should honor. All Things Spanking wishes Cassie the very best in whatever that direction may be.

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  1. John Scott says:

    I wish Miss Cassie Hunter the very best. She is one of the most beautiful women
    in the world. I wish her happiness and success.

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