An interview with Ophelia de Havilland

Ophelia de Havilland is a traditional English domestic disciplinarian. She professes to be the disciplinarian that you both love and fear. Miss Ophelia is very friendly, but no nonsense. Without any hesitation, she will spank when necessary, and spanks bottoms otk in the way it’s meant to be done. Miss Ophelia’s spankings are at the requisite level of severity for the crime, and will certainly reinforce the lesson that is being taught.

In advance of her next visit to America to begin on March 7, Miss Ophelia was kind enough to grant us a deeper look into her world of spanking. Shall we begin?

ATS: Miss Ophelia, your background bespeaks a journey that many fantasize about or envy. A strict nanny who used corporal punishment, and an aristocratic family and demanding father who applied more intense punishments. Do you think your interest in spanking evolved from this, or did you have the urge independently of that lifestyle?

Ophelia-De-HavillandMISS OPHELIA: My punishments were done by the nanny or in more severe cases of bad behaviour I was frogmarched off to see my father. I was bought up in a very old-fashioned almost Victorian home where little girls were well-behaved girls who played with dolls, and certainly didn’t answer back. I was the youngest of two older brothers and I didn’t like dolls. I was more of a tomboy, and liked to run, climb trees, play around in mud along with my brothers, and go camping. All those sorts of things. I believe that my punishments, especially my spankings, were to “knock that wayward girl” out of me. It failed miserably. If my father said black, I’d say purple. If he said run, I’d say walk. You name it, and I did exactly the opposite.

There is a sadness to the spanking side of my upbringing, one that as an adult I find terribly painful. You see, my parents were not tactile at all – a product of their own generation you could argue. We had a homelife of no cuddles, no closeness, and no spoken “I love you.” To this day, I can never remember having a hug from my mother – ever – or them both telling me that they love me. I understand that they did love me, but didn’t know how to show it. Being slightly analytical about the situation, I wonder if I did play up knowing that I was going to get spanked over my father’s knee. It was a closeness and attention that I didn’t get elsewhere.

ATS: How was corporal punishment applied by your nanny and father? How did it differ?

MISS OPHELIA: The difference between my father spanking me and my nanny spanking me were poles apart. My father used to spank over his knee sitting on a high backed dining room chair at the dining table. My dress was pulled up and away he went, fast, hard and over incredibly quickly.

Nanny always gave her spankings after bath time. It was pyjamas on and then you would have to report to her room where she would sit on her bed leaning up against the headboard, legs outstretched in front of her. For a bit of comfort, she would have her pillows propped up behind her. I would have to stand to the right hand side of her, and she would beckon me over her lap where I would lie straight across her thighs. If she was going to give me a specific number of spanks – it could be any number sometimes as high as 100 – I had to silently count to the number she had assigned whilst she spanked. This was done with pyjama bottoms pulled down and on the bare bottom. I could only get off her lap when I thought the right number had been given. I then would thank her, pull up my pyjama bottoms, and walk towards the door secretly praying that I had the right number. I did not want to hear her say “wrong number, back over.” If so, you had to go through it again. Sometimes, she would quicken her hand and spank really fast just to throw me off her number so I got it wrong. I think she enjoyed spanking me and my brothers. It was something inherently in her that she had to do, and got great enjoyment from doing it.

ATS: You mention that your nanny used a cane as you grew older. Was this different than her earlier approach?

opheliaMISS OPHELIA: Nanny gave the cane on few occasions when I was much older, and that was done in a very regimented way where I had to bend over and touch my ankles. She would lift my skirt up, and give six strokes of the cane over my knickers. These were not particularly hard, but enough to make me wimper slightly. I had to say “One, thank you Nanny” , “Two, thank you Nanny” and so on. This was always done in my father’s study with him sitting in his wing backed leather chair peering over the top of the newspaper he was reading.

ATS: Many feel that a Disciplinarian should know what every implement in her bag feels like. Have you felt all, or many, of your various implements? Do you consider this important given your background and current approach to discipline?

MISS OPHELIA: I have tried each and every implement that I use on any spankee walking through my door only lightly I may add. I have a shockingly low pain threshold. More importantly to that is to even get me in a submissive position (i.e., over the knee, bending over, touching toes) is so very difficult for me to do. I do however feel that you should not use any implement that you’ve not felt yourself.

ATS: At a stunning six feet tall, in bare feet, you present an imposing and authoritative figure who commands respect. Do you ever have a problem restraining someone over-the-knee or otherwise by hand alone? How do you do so?

MISS OPHELIA: The very short answer is never. Bearing in mind most gentlemen that come through my door are naturally submissive, or they are naturally dominant men that want to explore their submissive side, rarely do I get anyone that struggles to the point that I feel that I’m in a wrestling match. If I do encounter someone who thinks it’s fun to wrestle and wriggle to the point where it’s more of a fight, then I simply stop spanking them. After all, it is they that want to feel my hand on their bare bottom, and I merely tell them that until they stop acting like an idiot I will not be spanking their bottom.

oph8I’m very lucky that in heels I stand six foot five. What I do like to do is scissor my spankee where they lie over my left thigh only and I wrap my right leg around their legs in effect pinning them over my lap. I assure you that they cannot move. If the person has tremendous upper body strength, they may well lift their body up to try and wriggle out of the situation. If that happens, I push my left elbow into the middle of the back pushing them back down. They may well try to put their hand around and cover the bottom, but again I just grab their hand behind their back with my left hand enabling me to still push their body back down with my left elbow. It’s very simple. Regardless of how big the spankee is, they will all say that they literally cannot move when I do a scissoring.

ATS: Do you use bindings, if necessary? Would that cause the subject to experience a more intense spanking?

MISS OPHELIA: I never use restraints, bindings, etc. I want people to stoically take the punishment I’m giving them. I was never restrained whilst being spanked as a child. If people want restraints, then I would rather they go and see a mistress or dominatrix sitting in a dungeon and not come to my home where it is a domestic setting.

ATS: Many Americans variously fantasize about or fear receiving “twelve of the best.” Even the thought of six causes a crocodile tear in many an eye. Have you experienced this? Why do you think this is so?

MISS OPHELIA: I recently had a miscreant arrive with a note from the “headmistress.” She wrote that said person had handed around in class a note which contained the most obscene language, and of course this needed to be dealt with. On receiving the miscreant at my front door, he was immediately taken upstairs and told to lean over the back of my chair. I took down his trousers and underpants, and took out my most senior cane. He was quivering with fear which excited me greatly. I proceeded to give him 6 of the VERY BEST, and that was only for starters. I gave him 30 in the end for the note passed in class, and then started to give him a heavy strapping, and then the dragon cane came into play. He was at the end of our time together one very sore chap. Did he cry? Not really – only a few crocodile tears.

ATS: Is a well administered caning truly more punishing than a good, old-fashioned paddling?

MISS OPHELIA: Here in the UK, paddling is not as common as it is in America. People here, from their younger days in school, may have had three things happen to them. Very young pupils would have been spanked with the teachers hand, middle aged pupils would’ve been slippered with what would’ve been a very large gym shoe (I always had a slippering for answering the teacher back), and in most schools there was a cane although usually not in girls’ schools. However, my mother in her school did experience a cane on her hands. Unless the paddle is wooden or a very heavy leather where the bruising goes very deep into the muscle, I think that the cane is more punishing.

ATS: There are several different types of spanking such as judicial, punishment, maintenance, erotic. Which is your favorite, if any, and why? Do you administer all of them depending on circumstances and what the subject has earned?

MISS OPHELIA: I have two favourites in relation to spanking. My favourite spanking will always be a maintenance spanking. However, the punishment spanking comes a very close second.

What I have to mention here is that when I speak about spanking I mean “over the knee with only my hand.” That is spanking. We don’t spank with paddles, we paddle with a paddle. We tawse with a tawse, and we cane with a cane.

oph4A punishment spanking will last a matter of seconds as it was done when I was a child, being thrown over one’s knee, pyjama bottoms pulled down or skirt lifted up, panties pulled down and really hard fast whacks on the bare bottom that lasted only seconds, very fast, very hard, very quick and over before you knew it. But by jolly you damn well felt it.

I will administer any type of spanking that I feel the subject has earned or indeed needs. An email is usually sent with the miscreant’s behavior. I will plan the punishment accordingly. As far as erotic spankings, I can certainly spank lightly and welcome the not so hard session. Lots of bottom rubs, but it is never sexual. Erotic and sexual can so easily be confused.

A punishment spanking is enjoyable to administer because it really does hit home. The person has very little to think about after one of those other than the after effects of an intense spanking meant to teach a lesson.

I also love the longer spanking session, building up intensity as the session goes along. What I really love is if my subject can still feel the effect of my hand 2-3 days later. Looking in the mirror to still see the redness and feel the soreness gives me a sense of almost “ownership.” The spankee will think about me and that I did that to his bottom even when he’s left my company.

ATS: I am told your hands can be lethal spanking tools. Is that so? Do you enjoy giving a good hand spanking, or do more intense implements better capture your fancy?

MISS OPHELIA: I’ve said many times that my favourite implement will always be my hand. I love the feel of my hand on the bottom. There is no better feeling in the world in my opinion. I do love to use my slipper which I know isn’t very popular in America, but I always bring it anyhow and like that some gentlemen are willing to give it a try.

I am known to have a very hard spanking hand, but of course the whole session isn’t about me spanking as hard as I can for 60 minutes. That’s just unreasonable, and would be like me telling you go to the gym and hit that punching bag as hard as you can for an hour. There is no need to make a bottom numb by spanking it that hard within the first few minutes. What would be the point in carrying on.

ATS: Do you produce or appear in any videos, CDs, or pay-per-view material? If so, how would we access that material? Do you have plans to do any of this?

MISS OPHELIA: I love that you have asked about any videos CDs or pay-per-view material. At this moment, I am doing some filming within my cottage and these little clips will go on “clips for sale” in the near future. I’m very excited about this. If anybody would like their session filmed whilst I am in America then I will be more than happy to do so. The individual can have a copy of the session for their eyes only, or if they are willing I will divide up and put some clips for sale.

ATS: You have mentioned that you will return to New York soon. What keeps drawing you back to America to spank Yankee bottoms? Is there a difference between American bottoming and that found in the UK?

MISS OPHELIA: I love New York and I love New Yorkers!

I will be returning from 7th March this year. Again, I will be in New York, but will be very interested in visiting other states so if you read this and live in another state and I get lots of interest from one state I will return in April and visit you there.

What I like best about Americans is their love of traditional otk bare bottom hand spanking which as you know is my specialty. I love a prolonged session where my warm up lasts 15 minutes. People in the UK have a love of the slipper, cane, or hairbrush, but in America hand spanking is a pure subject. Americans love it, and in turn I love returning and administering it in the old fashioned English way.

ophelia1I absolutely love opening my apartment door in New York to find a stranger standing there or someone I’ve spanked before. I love sitting down and having a chat about our love of spanking, where the interest came from, if there were childhood spankings, and all manner of related issues. We do this over a cup of good English tea. I cannot get over that you all seem to drink tea black though.

ATS: How would we interact with you online and via social media, Miss Ophelia?

MISS OPHELIA: You can email me regarding appointments at
You can always contact me via Twitter (@HavillandO) or on my website

I welcome any correspondence from anybody that has any questions that I’ve not answered here.

ATS: Thanks again, Miss Ophelia, for chatting with us. We look forward to your visit to this side of the pond, and hope you leave many lasting impressions as you always do. Is there anything else you would like to mention, or you want us to know about you?

MISS OPHELIA: I look forward to returning to a beautiful country with beautiful people and where I’ve always been very well received.

Thank you for allowing me to answer your questions, and I look forward to any comments that are made.

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  1. Rick Bullard says:

    I enjoyed the interview and feel that Miss Ophelia would make the spanking session appear to be very real, which is a plus in my book. I believe going over her knee and having my bare bottom spanked by her firm hand would be a thrill!

  2. Hello Rick,

    Oh believe me, for the session to be real I fee that the disciplinarian truly has to have an inherent need and desire to spank,,there can be no act.

    You’d certainly get a thrill 🙂


    Miss Ophelia

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