An Interview with Princess Ammy

Princess Ammy is a non-professional Asian disciplinarian who takes her avocation of delivering corporal punishments very seriously. Her implement of choice is the cane which she can very effectively administer. Ammy is intelligent, gracious, and outgoing, but all business once a punishment session starts. Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, truly applies with Ammy although she does not sell anything, but does offer lessons in accountability. Ammy simply enjoys teaching people that misbehavior is not acceptable, and has consequences. She does not hold back, and can truly deliver anything from mild to wild. 2016-01-26 21-51-33ATS: Princess Ammy, thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity to chat with you. We have long considered you one of the premier corporal punishment practitioners, and are excited to learn more about you.

PA: Thank you for your kind comments, and I am honored you feel that way and invited me to share my thoughts on being a disciplinarian.

ATS: Everyone is always interested in the background story of corporal punishment enthusiasts. How did you come to be interested in this?

PA: My partner was into tease and denial, and he showed me this website that featured a lady by the name of Klixen. She was very good at it, and we watched a number of her videos. They had other categories and one thing led to another and I wandered over to other categories. We did a lot of chatting at first, and I am not sure if he brought it up or I did. I really did not like most videos on the site, but did like one lady from Germany with a cane. Really enjoyed watching her cane, and how she showed no mercy.

As for influence, when I was growing up around 7 to 10 years old, I hid in the bushes while watching field workers be whipped in the fields. Sometimes I would wait all day, or go after school. When I saw marks, I loved it.

ATS: Were you caned or spanked as a child? Was corporal punishment used in your schools?

PA: Yes, it was used in the school. Once every one got it including me, but the teacher really did not want to hit me. He gave me one stroke and others much more. I did spank my brother, also, whenever he was bad as per my Mom’s instructions.

ATS: Many people feel that a disciplinarian should know what each of their implements feel like in actual use. Have you ever submitted to a caning, tawsing, or paddling? Do you experience your “tools” before putting them into use? Why or why not?

PA: My partner has one day a week which is Monday when he is able to be the president and I’m his secretary. He has used all tools, but I’m partial to his hand. It has a nice feeling all day. Realize he has earned this trust and love from me that I allow this. I want our relationship to work and even though it’s one day it evens out for both of us, the six days where I’m the boss and one day he is.

ATS: The cane is considered a unique implement that requires precision to avoid true physical injury. You are known to be a caning expert, and we have observed some very intense and precise applications of the cane in your videos. How did you develop this talent, and do you have any hints for those who struggle with the 2016-01-26 21-49-46 (1) cane, but may want to enhance their skills?

PA: Once again I was terrible at this at first and really this time watching videos did not help much. It was my partner that showed me, and then I went from there. One gentleman who I caned a lot showed me a tennis swing, and this helped also.

I welcome teaching any woman in person. I enjoy it very much when I meet a couple. Love teaching women.
If you watch my videos, a number of times I have given lessons to others.

ATS: You have written that you have now “mastered the art of administering discipline.” Discipline can be delivered in many forms including, but not limited to, corporal punishment. What forms of discipline do you employ other than corporal punishment, and was your statement about mastery directed toward discipline in its entirety or the corporal punishment aspects of it?

PA: I was meaning totally the cane or the tawse. I have no desire to use any other implement or corporal method except the whip if I’m in the mood. 2016-01-26 22-39-56ATS: You are a petite woman albeit one who exudes both feminine and physical strength. How do you generate the obvious power, tenacity, and control to properly chastise a naughty person?

PA: It’s all in the arm and balance. As for the stroke, number one must be as hard as number 200. It’s just my mind frame. You earned the punishment, and I must carry out every stroke.

Best way to understand is to watch my videos. They are available only on Fetlife and the five dollars a month is what I pay also as a sponsor and get nothing from Fetlife. Anyone who doesn’t have five dollars a month can have one less coffee.

ATS: Your writings indicate that naughty boys or girls present themselves to you, admit their transgression, and you decide the punishment … both the form of punishment and severity. Are these real life transgressions, or role play? Do you prefer one over the other?

PA: Feel in most all cases, it has been real life transgressions.

ATS: OK, let’s see how deeply buried in “yogurt” I am, and give readers a sense of how your court works. I have been a very safe driver with no tickets for many, many years. A week or so ago, that streak ended. You see, I stopped a bit quickly at a traffic light to avoid running it, and something slid off the passenger seat to the floor. I leaned over to pick it up, but did not think to place the car in park before doing so. My foot slid off the brake pedal, and I slowly drifted into the intersection just barely avoiding an accident when someone honked me, and I was able to quickly accelerate out of harm’s way. Of course, a state trooper witnessed the whole thing. So, Princess Judge Ammy, what would you sentence me to?

PA: One hundred fifty (150) strokes of the cane, and I’m serious. You took a test from the government, and had to pass 2016-01-26 21-59-55it to get a license. You could have killed someone. It doesn’t matter if you have not had a ticket the last twenty years. You multiplied the cane strokes in my mind because you were not sorry for your stupidity. You were more concerned about the ticket. Tell the person when they are dead, you are a good driver. People only have one life, and you almost ended one or several lives.

ATS: I shudder to think of 150 strokes from you. Oh, and I was most sorry, and told the police officer that. I was shaking like a leaf over my absentmindedness. Does that change the number of strokes, Princess Ammy?

PA: It did not change with the officer still giving you a ticket even though you were sorry. Neither should it change with me. Strokes can go up if additional bad information becomes known, but not down once my decision is made. I know you are sorry, but you need a punishment. I don’t ever do permanent damage. I must stop if I might do so. The rest of the punishment would be given later.

ATS: If someone wanted to split their stokes over several sessions would you let them? Would they have to take more total strokes to do so?

PA: Yes I would let someone split strokes. Have done this in the past. They don’t have to take more strokes.

ATS: Thinking vanilla now, what is on your iPod at the moment?

PA: Different music videos. No particular artist. Mostly easy listening. 2016-01-26 21-28-54ATS: You travel quite a bit throughout Asia, and have a trip to the UK coming up in April. Some of these trips seem to be planned around your BDSM interests and others are purely for pleasure although I presume Somask, your mate and sub, is with you. Do you find much difference in the way that slaves approach honoring a Domme (Princess) in different cultures? Do slaves from different cultures accept their discipline in different or unique ways?

PA: The people are the same. Some good and some bad. Not about the country except Singaporeans they are into the cane and in Japan the rope.

ATS: What has been your favorite travel site so far? What made it so special?

PA: Singapore. A lot of people into caning, many nationalities there. Easy to find the people that need discipline.

ATS: Do you have any plans to visit the United States?

PA: Not at this time.

ATS: Where can we view some of the amazing video clips you have produced?

PA: Only on I do this strictly as a hobby

ATS: Do you see slaves? How would someone contact you to initiate communication? What should a slave expect when meeting you?

PA: I’m strictly a disciplinarian. I’m not a mistress. My sessions are very straight forward. 2016-01-26 21-48-50You state what you did wrong. I give the punishment, and usually cook dinner afterwards. That’s it. My partner is there for my protection. He videotapes, and if you want at the end of the session a copy of the clip you can have it. No pictures or videos of your face are shown unless you want it to be. I don’t see you again for a couple weeks until your bottom has healed.

This is my lifestyle strictly as a hobby. Love being able to say piss off if you are idiot. I’m not controlled by your wallet so I’m the boss of disciple you may need.

As for contacting me. or on Fetlife with Princess Ammy

ATS: Is there anything else you would like to tell us, Princess Ammy?

PA: I like sharing because it makes me happy. Please read my profile closely. I understand some may want to be a 24/7 slave, but it’s not my problem. Not what I do. I’m a disciplinarian because I enjoy that you hurt, and want to change your bad habits.

ATS: Thank you again for your time, Princess Ammy. It has been a pleasure chatting with you, and learning more about your interests.

PA: Thank you for asking me questions. When should we start on the 150 strokes you have earned? 2016-01-26 22-01-50ATS: Uh oh, I thought you might have forgotten that. Well, before I have to “grin and bare it” so to speak, I have one other interesting fact about you I thought people would enjoy.

You have recently taken a dessert baking class to add to your superb cooking skills. All the sweets you have posted look absolutely delicious. You truly are a multi-talented woman.

Now, does that glowing comment on your culinary skills get me any consideration of a reprieve? …. Hmmmmmm, I didn’t think so, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.

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9 Responses to An Interview with Princess Ammy

  1. David Tong says:

    I have been corrected by The Princess…
    It was memorable in many ways, mainly as a severe punishment inflicted by a real disciplinarian.
    It hurt a lot…it was meant to…and part of my life changed forever.
    Thank you Princess Ammy
    David U.K.

  2. Spank Switch says:

    As a spanko male, I can’t believe such a marvellous person exists. But she does.

  3. Roman_ce says:

    I was used to do everything my way.
    Princess Ammy explained what I did wrong and punished me severely for this wrongdoings. As a result I feel that I am a better man now and I found a very warm and considerate friend: Princess Ammy.
    What make Her so extra exceptional is Her capability to give the exact punishment you need. She is also perfectly capable to give very severe judicial style punishments.
    Her judicial punishment are given without any mercy and will have the result you hope for.

  4. Randy says:

    I would love to be punished by you,,,but to far

  5. SirRedCheeks. says:

    I am a male disciplinian in the UK,and have so many things in common with Princess Ammy. Including friendship.
    I have had many conversations with Princess Ammy,and can confirm all her above answers to be sincere,as indeed she is.
    She once told me her ambition was to be the best female discipliniarian in Asia.
    In my mind she as already achieved that,and is now head for best in the world status.

    Good Luck to you Princess Ammy.

  6. Micheal Patterson says:

    A mere novice when this article was written maybe 12 to 18 months of experience. Technique improving but attracts much attention through
    No charge
    Video freely available

    I have no doubt she will improve as her experience grows but many many ladies out there who can administer better .

  7. David Tong says:

    Mr Patterson: Do you have direct experience with Princess Ammy?
    I am interested in how you come to your views about her abilities.

  8. Mitch says:

    Princess Ammy won the Night of the Cane (UK) competition in the Fall of 2016 against some very capable and accomplished caners. She also has a wonderful reputation around the world, and has doubled with several superb caners.

  9. Roman says:

    Mr Patterson: Princess Ammy accepted to be my Mentor and punish me for my faults, and weak points. When I make the same fault again She doubles the punishment and doubles again if I consistently make the same fault again. She never let one stroke off from a announced punishing. Her strokes are extremely hard and follow the same theory as the perfect forehand stroke for tennis.Please go to the website from fetlive and ask me (roman_ce) to accept your friendship request. I will accept this and then You can see all the videos from the canings I got from Princess Ammy. The website ask a contribution of 5 $ a month to see all the thousands of videos from all the members.
    I will be very surprised if you will be still sure that there are more severe disciplinarians any where in the world.
    Because of consistent exaggerated feeling of self importance and not giving enough attention to other people I will get a extreme severe judicial caning of 450 strokes given in 3 days in 2 months time. Even if I am extremely afraid for this I know that it will stop this feeling and make me much more humble and therefore a much easier man to like !! I really believe that She is the most just but also most severe disciplinarian of this time.

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