No good deed goes unspanked or so it seems

Amelia-Jane Rutherford is a well-respected spanking model from the UK. Here we learn about an intense dose of the strap that Amelia must endure for showing some nobility toward the hardworking dancers she oversees. This rump roast is one you do not want to miss at Firm Hand Spanking.

discontent_e002Bare bottom belting has top choreographer Amelia Rutherford’s ass burning

Taking her ballet company out for an expensive lunch seems like a good idea to Amelia Rutherford in Winter of Discontent. But she has to face the wrath of boss Richard Anderson and realises her bottom will pay the price. A blistering bare bottom belting has her yelling and feeling very sorry. But will it change her ways?

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One Response to No good deed goes unspanked or so it seems

  1. Rick Bullard says:

    Of all the spanking models Amelia Jane is my favorite, I would love to spank her.

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