Sass will get a red ass

In “Attitude Ass Whooping” on Sarah Gregory Spanking, Lily Swan plays a sassy stripper who has been a complete bitch to everyone in the club. She is called into the manager’s office where Robert Shore tells her off and then tells her to submit to a spanking or lose her job. Lily has no option but to lie across the table for a hand spanking then get onto all fours for the strap. This is a hard punishment of a sexy and very toned spanking model.


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One Response to Sass will get a red ass

  1. Rick Bullard says:

    Good to see the manager of the club keeps his girls in line. That could be a dream job, not only would you have toned bottoms to spank but there would be a frequent need for spanking one of the girls. I think I will send my resume [cv] to the local club

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