Alice Morningstar spanks

Alice Morningstar is a traditional domestic disciplinarian. She will not hesitate to pull you over her knee and spank you until she is satisfied you’ve learned your lesson. She punishes with strict discipline, using traditional domestic implements. Ms. Morningstar’s first ever video is linked below, and shows both the power she possesses and protocols she enforces.

Ms. Morningstar is based in New York and Los Angeles, but does travel elsewhere on occasion. Check her website or All Things Spanking’s Traveling-Spankos page for the latest destinations.

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23 Responses to Alice Morningstar spanks

  1. markiee says:

    Stimulating…very stimulating! The perfect wife!!!!!!!

  2. Geoff says:

    Very impressive. I would love meeting her on the west coast, she appears to be an excellent disciplinarian that knows how to administer a sound spanking. Thank you Ms. Alice.

  3. lifelongspankee says:

    i have had the “pleasure” of being over her knee. While that video was awesome it pales by comparison to the real thing. She is unbelievable at scolding (the best i have ever experienced) and so beautiful and sweet. If you have a chance to go over her knee i would suggest you do that

  4. Fred says:

    I live in envy of anyone who has been across her knee. Although I would not turn down an opportunity to go over that chair for her for a round or two with a paddle or leather belt. Alice has pictures of a very impressive collection of implements on her website.

  5. gravano says:

    I’d be careful if you’re a newbie. I was alarmed by her refusal to use a safeword, and she is not shy about her willingness to inflict serious damage:

    I tried to ask some safety questions through her question page, but she has not answered them.

  6. Mitch says:

    @gravano – I have always found Alice Morningstar to be courteous, conscientious, responsive, and safety oriented. I do not know your specific situation or the timing (frequency) of your inquiries to Alice, but I do know that I have only heard compliments related to her.

    I do not see where Alice “refuses” to use a safe word. She does post on FAQ that “My spankings are REAL and as such, I do not use safewords as a rule. Your punishment is not real if you can control it at any time. That being said, I will carefully watch you and make sure I’m not pushing you past your limits.” … AS A RULE. (emphasis added). She is also quite clear that this is your session, and that things are negotiated.

    “Willingness to inflict serious damage” is a strong statement made by you. Alice, as do many disciplinarians, will deliver a spanking from very benign to judicial. But, it is negotiated, not inflicted against a spankee’s wishes. Limits may be pushed, but respected. Other disciplinarians also do not generally use safewords in a true punishment and/or judicial session. But, they do negotiate ahead of time.

    There are many possibilities as to why Alice has not yet responded to you including the fact that she now only answers emails once a week to best control her use of time, and because the FAQs have been significantly expanded to cover virtually all of the issues asked in email. This policy is posted on her site(s).

    As with any spanking or BDSM session, communication between play (life) partners is essential. Perhaps even more so with a newbie, but clearly important for anyone. Safe, sane, consensual (or RACK if that is your preference) play is paramount. Play can be intense without being “damaging.”

  7. gravano says:

    I obviously took the quote you recited as a refusal. If “as a rule” refers to flexibility on that point and she is willing to use safe words, that’s fantastic. I took it to mean “it’s a rule” and that there was no flexibility, but I did seek clarification from her. Now, I got it from you.

    When I coupled 1) the language regarding safe words, 2) the photos that she included on the site, and 3) my unanswered questions (from well over a month ago), I drew certain conclusions and found it concerning.

    For me personally, anyone who is willing to do what is shown in those pictures–whether negotiated or not–gives me great pause. I do consider it serious damage just based on the appearance as did others to whom I have shown the pictures. There are things I would never do to someone regardless of whether they wanted it or attempted to negotiate it.

    You obviously have a different view, and those who are new can proceed accordingly.

  8. Alice says:

    @Gravano – There’s a reason on my site why I use the phrasing of, ‘as a rule.’ Mitch was right in how he addressed it. Generally speaking, for the people I spank, they are looking for a complete and utter loss of control. They are looking to be punished in something very akin to the domestic punishments of their youth: wherein they are loved, cared for, but still punished thoroughly by an authority figure who wants what is best for them but will not take heed their protestations.

    That being said, there is a reason why on my website, beneath the pictures of my absolutely fully consensual session with Jimmy, are the words, “Note: Not every spanking will be this intense or this punishing.” That isn’t just a blurb. It is very intentional. Very, very rarely to I even have people who request this level of punishment. Most of my spankings are done by hand, with some moving to hairbrush or paddle or belt, some with more; over the past twelve months, I have spanked exactly two people anywhere near the level shown by my photos of Jimmy.

    Every spanking is different. For some, a safe word is important. For others SSC/RACK is more vital. I’m not going to turn someone away because they want a safe word, just as I wouldn’t turn someone away if they don’t like to even see canes, or someone who prefers that I wear a blue shirt. In the past year, I have had one session where someone wanted to have the existence of a safe word, and he ended up not using it. Preferences are preferences, and I am a professional.

    I don’t torture. I punish.

    All in all, if you are uncomfortable playing with me, of course I’m not going to force you; while I appreciate your concern, it is fundamentally unfounded. I do find it interesting that you have decided that you have the ability to decide it must be ‘serious damage.’

    To address the silence on my part, I see that there was an issue with my setup and I never saw your questions. I’ve corrected it. My apologies for that.

  9. gravano says:

    OK. I owe you an apology. I’m sorry if the post was inaccurate. I did try to clarify these things with you through your question app. on several occasion.

    I obviously misinterpreted your flexibility on safe words based on the phrase “as a rule.” However, I explained to your friend how I interpreted it (albeit it incorrectly), and I have run into pros who refuse to use safe words, so although I think it’s a problem from a safety perspective, I thought it meant that it was your rule not to use them.

    In addition, the sentence that followed “as a rule” suggested that using safewords made the session unreal, which again led me to conclude that “as a rule” meant “it’s the rule,” i.e., no flexibility. While I may have been wrong, I think my (mis)interpretation was at least somewhat understandable. In any event, I did seek clarification on several occasions through your question app, which I guess was not functioning. So, I did try.

    When I got no response, I assumed you blocked me because you didn’t like the initial question I sent. The “Ask Me” page says “Follow these rules, or I will block you,” and I assumed I must have violated a rule. I also knew there was no way to find out if that were the case because your FAQ Page also says you won’t let someone know when you’re blocking them:

    “How does banning work?

    You will not know that you’ve been banned, but I won’t see your messages. So it’ll be just little pathetic you, in an echoless vacuum. How sad!”

    I took it from those statements and the lack of a response that my safety-related inquiries were not welcome and that you banned me after my first inquiry.

    Regarding the “serious damage” point, perhaps you could argue the choice of words, but I showed those pictures to several people in the scene and they were pretty horrified, regardless of the consent issue. I didn’t say he was crippled or that you “tortured” him, but I would consider myself seriously “damaged” if that were done to me. I do know that underneath the pictures you said not all of the sessions are that punishing, but the fact that you would do it was alarming regardless, especially if (as I understood) safe words could not be used. Again, I was not the only person who reacted that way to it.

    So, obviously at least some of the blame for this is mine, and for that I apologize. For what it’s worth, I only ended up down this road because initially I was really excited about the possibility of getting a session with you. I have seen the black and white clip you have on your site, and it was compelling to say the least. I’m sorry it ended up this way.

  10. Jim J says:

    Ms. Alice’s answer demonstrates her insight of the dynamics of some of us who seek her brand of domestic discipline. We willingly and want to turn over our adult control to her, and we give her our trust that we will be treated as we need to be, whatever it takes discipline-wise, and like a parent, she will be able to tell when enough is enough. We like to be a little anxious about the unknown and how “bad” it might be, and not know in advance. I’m just wired that way and am looking forward to meeting her to be disciplined. She does say on her site to talk with her about leaving marks or bruises or not, which would set a baseline level. I think I would like some marks myself.

  11. gravano says:

    That’s great Jim, but if someone has not sessioned with you before, it can be difficult to tell from your body language how much distress you may be in or whether you are at your limits. People react differently to intense physical punishment.

    Talking about “marks” up front is great, but that’s by far not the only concern I would have. First of all, even with a well-intentioned spanker, deciding when “enough is enough” is very subjective. You have no idea where the line will get drawn. I’ve been in situations where I was shaking uncontrollably, screaming, and starting to cry. The line did not get drawn there. She kept going.

    My comments were directed to people who are new at this. I said “If you’re a newbie” in my original post to make that clear. None of what I said may concern you if you’re experienced. I think it still should, but it may not.

    I think the safeword is important because you don’t know what’s going to happen once the spanking starts. You could have a medical problem. You could be emotionally triggered by something that causes a flashback or a very unpleasant memory. Or, you may simply realize this is not what you wanted and wish to withdraw your consent to further punishment.

    The fantasy of spanking is really different from the real thing. Your safeword is your protection if things go south. Also, if you really want the kind of “no control” punishment spanking you describe, you would never use the safeword unless it was absolutely necessary. I like to see how far a spanker is willing to go to get a sense of what kind of person they are, so I do everything possible to avoid saying it, but I still want to know it’s there.

    Have fun, and stay safe.

  12. Jim J says:

    Hi Gravano, Thanks for your concern. I agree if you have various issues you need to be cautious. I’ve had some lasting caning marks at times from my partner, so I know a little about them, and for me, they, and lasting bruises are memory stimulators that bring a smile to me later. Ultimately, in Ms. Alice’s spankings you aren’t tied down, although she is rumored to have a strong leg lock. I also trust my ability to make a trust judgement. After all, I’m a person with control issues and radar antennas looking for possible threats. Ms. Alice also explained the consensual agreement with Jimmy- I’m not that Jimmy by the way, but maybe I could be a Jimmy II someday myself, here are my thoughts. The fantasy of being made to “eat your words,” after challenging a powerful woman is not an uncommon one. It has been one of mine for many many years. Why? You probably already know this, but maybe it might help someone put their feelings into words. For some of us, we grew up in an environment where being in control at all times meant survival (emotional maybe- but when you’re a child it is survival as a person in any case). I learned to be in control that was so continuous and automatic and so embedded, that it rarely can be turned off. I also get rewarded all the time in working and family life for that control ability. I have a really hard time trying to turn it off and it really feels good when it is off. I can only feel completely loved and valued when I feel completely vulnerable, and that is a rare and good feeling. (In case you’re thinking, this dude should be in therapy, I have been in in therapy which has been really helpful in some areas, but I like spanking much better and I’m wired that way.) So, in looking at my first statement about giving that control to Ms. Alice, I think it is only 1/2 the story. I’m really giving her an opportunity, but she has to take that control away from me and I’m going to fight it. Now if you look at her armory of implements and her reputation, me, and I’m sure the other Jimmy knew who was going to win that battle. But, both of us may need to fight losing control in order to know we’ve have been overcome, and it is time to give up.

  13. gravano says:

    I’ve always had to be in control, and I’ve been in therapy three times! I can’t feel loved if I’m vulnerable and cant’ trust the person’s intentions. When I saw what I thought was an effort to take away my ability to stop a session if it became harmful or even if I decided it just wasn’t what I wanted, it was alarming to me. That’s not a kind of vulnerability that resonates with me. That kind of vulnerability and trust takes time to build with a person.

    I respect your view on the Jimmy thing, but I just can’t see it that way. For me it has nothing to do with consent or being aware of “her armory of implements and her reputation.” I think there are some things you just don’t do to another person because your humanity doesn’t allow for it. Others may disagree, but for me, what was shown in those pictures crossed that line.

  14. James Coughlin says:

    To all: just to clarify, I’m the Jimmy whose punishment was being discussed. Alice, who is extraordinarily kind and considerate, gave me exactly what I asked for. My taunting of her was designed to produce the blistered bottom I received. It was the best spanking of my life. I loved it

  15. James says:

    You must have some tolerance. It looked like your ass lost a gang fight.

  16. Otkallday says:

    James certainly took a good licking !

    Was this a real spanking James? I mean was it easy to take? Or was it painful enough that you tried to back out midway ?

    I think this Alice lady is exactly what I’m looking for based on here she describes her style on her website and your photos.

    So many claim to offer a no safeword session but fail to deliver. I’m getting pumped.

    Ps: Gravano – stop forcing your views down our throat. If that was too much for you, just see yourself out. As for me, this is what I have been looking for, so I’m glad to know it can be found.

  17. Mitch Philbin says:

    Comment deleted as inappropriate.

  18. Gravano says:

    I guess I’ll see if I can make any response that’s not censored.

    OTKAllDay: If you don’t like my views, you are free to ignore them, and I’m free (apparently to a very limited extent in this forum) to express them. By the way, if it weren’t for me, you would never have seen the picture of “Jimmy” and known that the type of treatment you so desire was available to you.

    My original post was directed to “newbies.” I do not think it’s wise for people to session with someone they don’t know well without a safeword. The pro does not know the person’s limits or how their body or mind reacts when in distress. Alice apparently allows them but it is obviously the exception because she says expressly that she does not use them “as a rule.”

    It’s also not smart for the pro to discourage the use of a safeword. If the person gets hurt and an assault charge is made, it could be argued that the pro refused to allow consent to be withdrawn, which could then render it an illegal assault.

  19. Mitch says:

    @Gravano: “I guess I’ll see if I can make any response that’s not censored. …”

    All Things Spanking welcomes respectful comments and opinions at all times. However, comments that engage in flaming or rhetoric that incites will not be tolerated, and the offending comment will be deleted. Repeated violation of this tenet will lead to the offender being banned.

    We all have views on what is appropriate or perhaps over-a-limit related to “this thing we do.” That is fine and expected. Expressing those varying opinions in polite discourse is fine as is respectful banter. Threats and getting personal is not.

  20. Gravano says:

    The comment I was attempting to respond to–and which was not censored– was “stop forcing your views down our throat,” which was decidedly personal and far from “respectful.”

  21. Lori_Sign says:

    I personally like real spankings that are not in my control. However, there is one that I don’t like. My boyfriend really like me doing that post spanking dance, hopping up and down while frantically rubbing my ass simultaneously after my hand warm up, and is embarrassing. What is it about guys that like seeing that, I will never understand. But it turns him on so I do both instinctively and longer on purpose.

    On the flip side, I like real spanking. To will myself to endure a real spanking that is not in my control with no safe word is exhilarating. It takes be back to childhood feeling of being loved and discipline at the same time. Although with no swat limit and it hard not know when the spanking is going to stop to push my jeans and panties down myself. I know this may sound weird but feeling the trepidation and anticipation about getting a real blisting is also an adrenaline rush. Its he whole power exchange is so exhilarating for me.

    My boyfriend likes to see the muscular definition my ass chearli I involuntary clench up while he is spanking me real hard. I’m fairly petite and I’m over his leg with his foot on a stool and I’m literally tangling above the ground while he is spanking. Me slow and hard with his hand for what seem like forever before he giving me a roasting long finish hard and fast I’m right at my pain limit and he lets me jump off her leg and do that post spanking hope.

    Than he tells me to retrieve that dam bamboo backstretcher. He sit down on the chair puts me over his thigh and scissor locks my legs. He begins tapping me the flat part of the handle, the most stingly part of it, and asks me the same dam question. “What’s my favorite movie series, Lori?” he waits until I answer him, “Fast and Furious” the answer is “Fast and Fourious!” “That’s right, and that’s exactly how I’m going to paddle you from the very beginning to the end of this very lengthy paddling and it isn’t going stop until I say, understand!” “Oooo, Yes sir!” He than just tapping away for like what seems like forever. This is the point of trepidation and adrenalin rush I get. I’m clenching and unclenching involuntary. Than out of no where he starts and it catches my breathe always. Especially with absolutely no pauses between whacks. Its goes on and on until I’m bawling out of control with the hiccup type crying. The backstretcher leaves surface welts from the top of my cheeks just below my tail bone to my upper thighs. My eyes get all puffy because tear are streaming down my face, noise is running than endorphins rush through me, its purely cathartic release. That’s what I’m additcted too. It leaves me tranquil and centered. So, I have a love hate thing with real spankings.

    I hate the awful pain of a real spanking but I absolutely love the aftermath. Especially, when he is holding me while I cry it all out. I also hate how fast he spanks me because its so intense but I have such a high pain tolerance that’s what it takes to push me past my fight and flight mode. F

    or punishment spanking I give up my safe word but I also want it to be that real and I trust him to relinquish control over to him.

    The only I don’t like is having to do that post spanking dance for him after my warm up. I hate it and its humiliating but he likes it. Does anyone else to that post spanking hop?

  22. Jim J says:

    This is Jim J and I finally did get the opportunity to be over Ms. Alice’s knee. We had some correspondence via emails, so she knew me a bit and I was comfortable with both her and my roles. She is fantastic! I was over her knee for a spanking with her hand, then a wooden spoon, over a couch for a belt and then, ah then, the best of her Armory I think. If you read of her in Twitter and AndyCano’s reviews, you will learn she has an odd-shaped paddle, looking a little like a hand mirror made of wood, allegedly of cherrywood, with a name, Miss Cherry. Miss Cherry has a sting that grows and grows, and as she is swung firmly by Ms. Alice, in a rhythm that is like music, she becomes completely unbearable. I cannot imagine resisting her successfully, the sensation and pain is overwhelming. My body would jerk and clench involuntarily. I will never, ever forget Miss Cherry! I was sore for over a week. Ms. Alice was careful of my skin, kept checking me throughout our session and put healing lotion on me and encouraged that I also care for myself. She also has the nurturing side of a disciplinarian. Ms. Morningstar took me to unbearable and beyond and then knew exactly where to stop. I was completely in her hands and under her very compelling spell, and she treated me just right, with complete respect, and I trust her, she is truly a trustworthy person, and I don’t trust anyone. I can’t wait to feel Miss Cherry again!

  23. jpweltsok says:

    Scared of her? I thought the video and severe photo was exciting and can’t wait to get in line! You know how many times I’ve had good hard sessions but never really great sessions? Been playing for 40 years and she appears to be the real thing.

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