An interview with Domina M

DominaM-introDomina M (DM) identifies as a “card carrying global perveratti member.” Indeed, she certainly is global having been raised in the United States, but now residing and practicing in Europe. Domina travels to the UK, USA, and Asia, and has a stellar reputation.

I must admit that Domina M and I became acquainted when I unknowingly posted a photo of her (sternly holding a wicked hairbrush I might add) that I had snagged from a site that offered no attribution to the Domina. I quickly corrected my error when Domina M posted a “cyber spanking.” We communicated after that and she agreed to spend time with me, and share her thoughts with all of us. Thank you, Domina M for being so gracious and understanding.

Before we begin, I must first wish you a most happy birthday! I understand that May is your month. Who will get your birthday spankings?

ATS: Everyone is always interested in the background story of Dommes and spankers. How did you come to be interested in this?

DM: When I studied aspects of domination all things about spanking and percussion play appealed to me, the severity of the flogger and whip, but also the intimacy of over the knee spanking. There is something bewitching to having someone over one’s knee, and the slow anticipation of pulling down boxers or panties and exposing the buttocks. I was immediately drawn to the combination of playful sensuality and cruel punishment.

ATS: Were you active in BDSM before turning professional? How so?

DM: I found BDSM early on in my life. As a teenager, I was close to San Francisco, and all its openness with kink. Before I knew about sex and sexuality I had ideas in my head, and I was exposed to it before I ever heard it was taboo. It never seemed out of place for me. Instead, it was a huge surprise that I could be a professional with my interests.

ATS: Do your family and vanilla friends know what you do, and what do (would) they think of it?

DM: I certainly don’t lie. Lying is something that silly boys who need to be corrected do! It makes everything easier to keep it above board. On the other hand, I find it important to keep everything separate. Part of being a professional is respecting those I see and their privacy. Those around me understand that I can’t always, ethically, discuss my job with them.

ATS: Domina M, you are an American who is currently domiciled and works from Barcelona with travel around the world. How did you come to settle, for now, in Spain?

DM: Since I was a teenager, I was fascinated by Barcelona. As an adult, it makes a lovely home base. My heart longs for New York, Paris, London and many of the other cities in the world, but Barcelona’s weather, food, and way of life brings me back. It also affords me to have a posh, private, and very discrete location set to my standards. I am very picky with standards, quality, and cleanliness, so I prefer to have my own domain. Also, since it is so central, I can easily travel.

ATS: Are there variances in how adult spanking and corporal punishment is perceived and practiced in different parts of the world?

DM: I can say, with some authority, that traditional OTK, governess style discipline, has its roots firmly from England and the United Kingdom. While Americans have embraced it as well, there is often mention of the strict English governess fantasy and quite a lot of admiration and esteem for “English Style Discipline.” As the world opens up, it is growing in popularity all over. The traditional discipline might be secondary to the more tactile sensations of being over a dominant’s knee and having one’s buttocks lovingly, but firmly, warmed with a hand or brush.

ATS: Do the preferred implements vary depending on location, and what might they be?

DominaM-midDM: Few things compare, no matter where you are to the hair brush and a good, old fashion, sharp hand spanking. I have a strong and swift hand, so it serves me well, and, of course, is the most transportable item in my play bag! After that, the cane is far and away the most requested in the East. I do regret not getting a set of “The Austere English Collection” tobacco-colored, leather paddles before Ian (The London Tanners) retired, but that would have been more for my own preference than anything else.

ATS: Your website states that you feel you are “best known for [your] playful mannerisms (that turn VERY strict if [one] colors outside the lines) and knack for sensual humiliation.” How might that style play into a spanking or corporal punishment scenario?

DM: I firmly believe that it is play, and as such should be fun. I love to laugh and enjoy what I do. Be assured, I am not any less in control. Anything found not to my liking will be swiftly corrected.

ATS: Many people feel that a disciplinarian should know what each of their implements feel like in actual use. Have you ever submitted, and do you experience your “tools” before putting them into use? Why or why not?

DM: Absolutely. One needs to be 100% sure of what is going on at one’s hand, so to speak. When I was learning with some of my fellow new Dommes, we practiced on each other. I understand the sensations and how to ride the edge of pain and pleasure – indeed much of the joy in my craft is being able to ride that line. Now I can generally tell the “bite,” “sting” and/or “thud” of an implement by feeling it on my hand or leg. I’m certainly not without volunteers to give any new item a test run and offer feedback.

ATS: What do you like about spanking? Dislike?

DM: I adore the connection of the mental and physical, getting into one’s head via a rosy red bum. I think the only problem is that I can get into it a little too much, and wear out my subject when I am just getting started!

ATS: Do you offer DVDs or clips that your fans may purchase? Have you worked with any of the spanking studios?

DM: Many years ago, when I was starting out, my first video was with Bart at Syren Studios in LA. A great spanking video, but I believe for another company. I couldn’t even tell you the name they gave me. I couldn’t use it for promotion, so I forgot about it. Bart and I have worked together several times as well as Isabella Sinclaire and her Ivy Manor series. I have my own production company, Luxuria Productions, which will begin shooting more content in the autumn of 2015, and I will resurrect my member’s site on a streaming basis as well. In the meantime, I have 500+ clips at

ATS: Do you offer phone sessions? 2015-05-03 04-43-31

DM: I do voice and cam sessions via Skype, but appointment only.

ATS: How would an interested party contact you, Domina M?

DM: Before contacting me or any dominant, I recommend that anyone do some research. My sites are, and After that, contact via e-mail ( is preferred, with interests, location, and day/time/duration.

ATS: Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me, Domina M. You are truly an intriguing Domme.

DM: You’re welcome.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    She could turn me over and do what she wants to me

  2. A.J. says:

    “There is something bewitching to having someone over one’s knee, and the slow anticipation of pulling down boxers or panties and exposing the buttocks.”

    Yes. Absolutely true. And one of the best moments. For both.

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