The English Vice

You just have to love the English. Many corporal aficionados hail from the UK, not to diminish the enthusiasm or participation by those of us elsewhere in the world. This post, however, is dedicated to our friends colleagues, and fellow kinksters on the Eastern side of the pond (at least from me). Rule Britannia!

The Urban Dictionary defines English vice as: Flagellation, Spanking, Flogging, Caning. And illustrates its use as “Mistress Catherine is heavily into “The English Vice”. Her collection of canes would make any school master proud!”

Dr. Weevil, a blog that has been defunct for several years, writes thusly about the English Vice.


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2 Responses to The English Vice

  1. Rick Bullard says:

    I wonder if the lovely lady bending over the couch would allow me to lower her flag panties and give her a spanking if I tell her I have the English Vice Syndrome?

  2. peejay123 says:

    We invented the idea didn’t we? 🙂

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