More spanking in the news

Here is an article that appeared online at the Sunday World (South Africa) website. It addresses a Sexpo that was sponsored by Different Strokes, a BDSM toy distributor. 2014-10-17 07-02-24Spanking, pain and positions – kink is the new cool

There will be pain involved, but only if you ask nice, declares a sexy postcard bearing a lingerie-clad dominatrix wielding a paddle.

Like moths to a flame, Sexpo faithfuls descended on the fetish exhibition stalls and bondage lounges last weekend.

Girl friends moved in giggling packs, suburban housewives inspected merchandise with the same intensity as they would the latest Gordon Ramsay recipe, couples discussed bondage rope versus spreader bars, and grandparents held on tightly to each other as they patiently waited in queues to get into spanking workshops. …

Read it all on Sunday World’s website. Also, link to Different Strokes for additional articles and “how to’s.”

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