An interview with Miss Georgia Cane

Miss Georgia Cane is a New York City based disciplinarian who has reddened deserving bottoms for over twenty years. She is a no nonsense disciplinarian who administers over the knee, bare bottom spankings; strict corporal punishment; and old fashioned discipline. She is not a domme and not a mistress, but a spanking disciplinarian only. Miss Georgia recently granted All Things Spanking time for an interview so you could get to know her better.

photo_dressATS: Ms. Georgia, thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I am pleased to do this interview, and trust I have been punctual and polite in my dealings with you so I won’t have to “pay the piper.” The word from those who have reviewed you online is that you do not put up with any shenanigans, and “treat” those who do so to a “memorable lesson.”

GC: I do take discipline seriously. That’s why when people talk to me I listen closely to what it is they feel they want. But it’s up to me to determine exactly what that is. And I see to it they get what they came for, but I control how it gets done and that means no Safe Words. Your Mother didn’t give you a Safe Word so neither do I.

It takes intuitiveness but I’ve done spanking discipline in my personal life for over twenty years – before starting professionally – and I key into all the unspoken communication taking place.

ATS: Many spankers admit they were interested in spanking since early childhood, but thought they were either “nuts” or didn’t understand the dynamic. Did you harbor any childhood fantasies?

GC: Nothing specifically. Spanking was just always there. It’s been part of me since I was three or four.  I grew up in a household where, if you were fresh, or disobeyed, you were spanked. Even the threat of a spanking was enough to make me “be good.” And it was always on the bare behind. The threat of a spanking was always there. They never lasted long, but they hurt. They were over the knee, and bare hand to bare bottom. I cried like crazy, but it kept me in check.

ATS: How did you get into “this thing that we do?” Where does your interest in applying all types of discipline stem from?

GC: I’m not sure. I think it’s something you’re wired with. I’ve heard that, when women reach a certain maturity, dominance, if it’s there, comes out. But I do remember a little spanking going on around the east village during the late 70’s, early 80’s when everyone was wearing dog collars and in black. There was definitely a D/s vibe, but I don’t know how deep any of that really was. My best guess is I picked up on it there. Then I introduced it into a long term relationship. It came naturally. I did the discipline. For some reason, I used a belt instead of my hand. I was dormant for a little while, and then it came back with a vengeance.

ATS: You have an Ivy League education, Miss Georgia. Did you spank or discipline other students during your studies?

GC: No. I concentrated on Comparative Religion and Anthropology. But let’s just say, I’ve been back to visit.

ATS: Have you ever switched or bottomed? What led to your ultimate decision about your spanking role?

GC: I’m a Top. But every good Top has to be spanked once in a while, and I’m no exception.

ATS: Many people feel that a spanker should know how it feels when a specific implement is used. Do you agree, and do you know what various implements feel like when administered? Is this important?

GC: Yes because how else would you know what you’re doing? I’m not going in for the intensity that some of my clients require, but I do need to know how a paddle, cane, belt and tawse feel so I know what kind of pressure to apply and what they’re experiencing.

ATS: What do you like about spanking? Dislike?

GC: I love everything about spanking except an unclean bottom, and I will not have it. Fortunately, that happened only once. I made him shower immediately, and then I put him back over my knee and I spanked his behind so hard he never did it again.

ATS: While offering many styles of spanking, do you have one that you truly look forward to administering?

GC: Yes I do. Over the knee, bare handed, bare bottom spanking. I think nothing delivers a message like skin smacking skin.

ATS: Although you are a spanking disciplinarian, do you ever introduce other aspects of BDSM into sessions? What might those interests be? Some form of bondage and anal play come to mind as being interests of many with spanking enthusiasm.

GC: No ‘other’ aspects of BDSM because spanking discipline is NOT BDSM. What I administer is the same correction that a mother, teacher, aunt, governess or even an employer might execute. It’s done to change negative behavior to positive. I have no interest in torture or cruelty. And although I like the bottom this is not sex. The bondage I do is having you over my knee and putting my one leg over both of yours and grabbing your hand when it tries to protect your bottom. I’ve used restraints, only upon request, so that the person was entirely helpless. Not often. I’m not a Domme (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I get my pleasure from conducting strict, traditional, domestic discipline. I enjoy that. Role play as well. It’s amazing how creative and quick my clients can be, and I love the “back and forth” but having to always be three steps ahead.

ATS: Disciplinarians who also offer Life Coaching are springing up across the country, and I see that you also offer this service. Could you discuss this aspect of behavior modification, and has it been successful for the client?

GC: Yes, with weight loss in particular. For example, I had a long distance client from Atlanta who lost over seventy-five pounds through my monitoring program.

She emailed her menu to me for breakfast, lunch and dinner – including medicines – twice a week Monday through Thursday and again Friday through Sunday. I went over everything with a fine tooth comb, and made changes with alternatives as necessary. I also spoke with her twice a month by phone so that I could address her questions and concerns, and I’d tell her mine. As long as she did right and did what she was told, we were fine. But if I found out she deliberately went off point, there was hell to pay.

She received more than a few electronic and verbal ‘smack downs’ (her words) but in the end she got her results. People who live in the New York area receive spankings four times a month with fewer emails. It all depends on what we decide works best.

ATS: Similar to Life Coaching is your ability to train ladies in proper etiquette. What led to this?

GC: When I was growing up, I was taught proper posture by balancing a book on top of my head and walking across the room. I was also taught never to order finger food on a dinner date and to eat either before or after to keep from eating too much. You were to spray perfume into the air then walk underneath, wrists upward, and that no one should ever be able to smell your perfume until they’re close to you. These sorts of things were drummed into me and lots of young girls in the ‘60’s. They seem archaic now, but it beats the alternatives I see. I thought it would be fun and useful to pass it along. Seriously, there’s an allure in being ladylike provided it’s simple and unpretentious. Frankly, I think men miss it and women too.

ATS: Your primary base of operation is New York City. Do you anticipate travel to other cities to introduce photo_beltmore spankees to your talents?

GC: Washington D.C. And I’m planning to visit Montreal and Las Vegas.

ATS: Which celebrity do you think most deserves a punishment spanking now?

GC: Miley Cyrus

ATS: Have you appeared in any videos, or plan to do so? Where might we find them?

GC: I haven’t yet, but I plan to make a few and attach clips to my website. In fact, I’m learning HXR-NX5U and Final Cut Pro right now.

ATS: Thinking vanilla now, what is on your iPod at the moment?

GC: The Kinks. ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’

ATS: Is there anything else you would like us to know about you, Ms. Georgia?

GC: I like to write and play a couple of instruments. I love all the creative arts and spanking is an art form.

ATS: Thanks, again, for chatting with me, Ms. Georgia. I encourage my readers to link to your website if they want to learn even more about you. It has been a pleasure, and best wishes for your ongoing success.

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3 Responses to An interview with Miss Georgia Cane

  1. PeeJay123 says:

    Great interview to bring out all that information about her. I just so wish I lived in New York as she has a very similar view to mine & I would love to explore it further. Why do those you agree with and like most ALWAYS live so far away?

  2. Barry says:

    Everytime I read one of Miss Canes posts, one of her musings or an article such as this one, I am so much further impressed and moved by her way of thinking. This might seem so very to common to everyone else, but I feel so intuned with her spanking ideology. Getting spanked by her would be a dream…

  3. PeeJay123 says:

    Anyone know someone as GOOD as her in the UK? 😉

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