A spankable bottom

… just waiting for someone to reach into the drawer, withdraw a stout wooden spoon, and do the chore.


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3 Responses to A spankable bottom

  1. PeeJay123 says:

    Such a beautiful bottom, but I would love to see it so much from a better angle.

  2. Darl says:

    Here is a thought instead of spanking her why not wet a towel and snap it about 6-12 times on her bottom and watch the welts rise. better than caning and not that it hasn’t already been done , but novel as hell. lol

  3. spank me says:

    i wish i could be tied up and spanked. my fantasy is to be tied on the bed face diwn, spanked, anal play and fingering, maybe some electro, nipple clamps, orgasm denial an punishment and a lot of paddling ahhh

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