An Interview with Miss Chris

MissChrisMiss Chris is a beautiful, 6 foot tall Disciplinarian who operates from Phoenix, AZ, and is college educated. She admits to hobbies that include: Reading (sci-fi/fantasy, Victorian erotica, history of discipline & corporal punishment), interior design, gardening, Victorian/Edwardian (1860’s-1920’s) & Vintage (1920’s-1950’s) eras, antiquing, cooking, caring for her animals, theatre, art and music. Certainly quite a varied list of interests. Miss Chris is well known in the spanking community, and has much to offer spanking enthusiasts other than a memorable trip over her knee. As with her hobbies, Miss Chris takes a varied approach to spanking and discipline, and has eclectic interests. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Chris, and hope you enjoy her candid comments as much as we enjoyed asking the questions.

ATS: Miss Chris, everyone is interested in the back story for spankers. How, when, and where did you become interested in spanking and discipline?

MISS CHRIS: Like most folks who have “the spanking gene”, I had a fascination with it in my early years! Nine-hundred-ninety-nine out of one thousand spankos first know they are different before they turn 10 years old. I was about 8 in third grade, at Catholic elementary school in NY, back in the late 70’s. I had a Phys Ed teacher who threatened us kids with an athletic taped, fraternity style paddle. I was obsessed with his paddle, and how it might feel if I got into trouble! Fast forward almost 30 years, I’m still riveted by stories of punishment and discipline, whispered threats of dire consequences still turn me on, and I love the feel of a naughty boy or girl over my lap, watching their tushies turn red under my palm.

ATS: Have you ever switched or bottomed? What led to your ultimate decision about your spanking role?

MISS CHRIS: I came out in 2006 as a bottom, in fact. I only started Topping, and then Topping as a Pro, afterwards. I certainly Top a whole lot more than I bottom these days, but I do still regularly switch. I bottom more out of a need for balance in my life, but I do also bottom in real punishment scenes for bad behavior. I’m a firm believer that bottoming as a disciplinee makes me better at being a Disciplinarian. I have a reputation for being as heavy a bottom as I am a Top, which is saying quite a bit, but the truth of the matter is that it all depends on the chemistry I have with the Top. I love to Top in spanking and punishment scenes for entirely different reasons. I particularly enjoy taking a spankee on a tour of land and prospects they wouldn’t be able to explore with anyone else. I like to say I’m the Tour Guide through Hell, I can take you there, as deeply as you want to go, help you navigate while you’re there, and then lead you back out into the world a better, and stronger person.

ATS: You state that you both Top and bottom in specific circumstances and with certain people. I presume you know what various implements feel like when administered? Is this indeed a fact, and is it important?

MISS CHRIS: As I mentioned above, I get it as good as I give it. I’ve been on the receiving end of all the types of implements I use, from hand to hairbrush, paddle to strap, and cane to whip. I’ve gone through all the domestic punishments I give as well, including mouth soaping, enemas, figging, corner time, and line writing. You name it, I’ve done it! And yes, I do think it’s very important to know exactly what things feel like, more so because I know when someone is overreacting, or crying crocodile tears! You can’t fool me, I know it’s not that bad!!! You want to know what’s really bad, here let me show you how much worse it can get!! *laughs*

ATS: What do you like about spanking? Dislike?

MISS CHRIS: I love the common interest I automatically have with people who come to my door, it makes for an easy way to converse and meet new people. I love how physical spanking is, especially OTK hand spankings, the body contact, the way a spankee reacts physically and emotionally. I love how stress relieving and cathartic spankings can be. I love the opportunity to role play anyone I want. I dislike the lack of hygiene some spankees exhibit. I dislike the injuries that arise from spanking. I dislike when a favorite spanking implement meets its demise over a tough bottom!!

ATS: You are known to administer several styles of spanking from nurturing to judicial. Do you enjoy any of MissChris2these more than others?

MISS CHRIS: Oh gosh, that’s like comparing apples to oranges! I do vastly different types of sessions, and I love them all for different reasons. I suppose my favorite type of session these days are full on, judicial style corporal punishment sessions, because they allow me to use difficult implements, and also because I don’t tend to do many of those so I look forward to them more.

ATS: Life coaching with a “twist” seems to be a growing trend among Disciplinarians, and you also use this approach. Are most clients receptive to this, and do they respond well? Are the issues being addressed generally corrected?

MISS CHRIS: You know, life coaching with a twist is a great way to think about Discipline Therapy. As you can imagine, the clients I have that request this aspect of what I offer are usually spankos, or people who love to be spanked. So, the question then becomes, how do you motivate someone (punishments as well as rewards) through spanking, when the person enjoys everything about it??? Well, it’s easy to reward someone with a spanking…..good girl or good boy spankings are lovely! But when someone loves to be spanked, how exactly do you punish them with it? Well, I’m here to tell you, that no matter how much you love being spanked, I can make it such a miserable experience for you, you will do everything in your power to NOT earn yourself anything you shouldn’t. I can’t persuade you to behave yourself if you fundamentally don’t want to change your behavior. But even remotely, I can “gently remind you” to stay on your program, and 9 times out of 10 there is real change involved.

ATS: I imagine you have a warehouse full of implements not to mention your hands which I understand are individually “lethal.” What implements do you like and which do you not like? What’s your most dreaded implement?

MISS CHRIS: You are 150% correct about a warehouse full of implements, Mitch!!! As I sit here in my play space/office I’m looking around at the following: an 8 drawer bench full of paddles, hairbrushes, plastic toys; a closet of whips and floggers; 3 umbrella stands full of straps, canes and crops; a kitchen display rack with kitchen implements; another 5 hook display rack with vintage razor strops and frat paddles; a cookie jar full of kitchen pervertibles from Thailand; and a coat rack full of long toys that fit no place else. I am what the lifestyle calls a “toy whore”, and I wear the badge proudly! As a Top who is proficient with all the spanko toys, I prefer using the most challenging toys, which include canes, long straps and whips. I’m a stickler for technique, and I appreciate any opportunity to hone my crafts. As a bottom, I tend to prefer receiving canes above everything else, and I happen to hate receiving any kind of leather.

ATS: Is all of your work related to corporal punishment, or do you also practice broader aspects of BDSM? What might those interests be?

MISS CHRIS: Although I definitely specialize in spanking/discipline/punishment in my professional life, I do other types of BDSM in my sessions and even more types of BDSM in my private life. I’m a big fan of forced feminization/sissification/petticoating, figging, electroplay/torture, CBT (cock and ball torture), CFNM (clothed female/naked male) and sph (small penis humiliation), as well as foot/leg worship and some pet play.

ATS: Your website states that you are Disciplinarian, performance artist, model, actor, alternative lifestyle educator, life coach, behavior modification specialist, website designer, and IT technician. Where do you find the time, and how do you manage to get it all done?

MISS CHRIS: I am a bit of a work horse, and sincerely believe in work hard, play harder! I’m a crossover kinkster, which means I spend just as much time presenting to BDSMers as I do spanking at parties, which definitely means there is no rest for this wicked lady! Something that has been taking up a bit of my time lately that’s not even in that list is spanking party group coordinator. My Spank University parties have really taken off these last two years (I’ve been hosting them since 2009), and a party every other month is pretty exhausting, but worth it!

ATS: Yes, Miss Chris, we had heard that Spank University was rocketing off the ground, and was immensely successful to date. In fact, we read the following at your website and also encourage interested persons to look at your site where even more information is available:

Most of you know already, that with the help of my 24/7/365 Domestic Disciplinee Jenni Mack, I run a group here in Arizona called Spank University. It is a bi-monthly spanking party group, with a focus on “spankucation”, or the education of spankos about a variety of applicable topics. Up until now, our demos/classes/workshops were strictly here in Arizona, and occurred right before a party. I have since started to offer a limited number of private, individualized workshops when I travel or appear at an event! … Feel free to ask me about these tailor-made workshops anytime!

ATS: Will you be appearing in or producing more videos? Where might we look to see you?

MISS CHRIS: Right now, a few different production companies have content with me in it they haven’t released yet, and sadly I don’t know when they will. Clare Fonda still has new content, and Northern Spanking has some incredible content I’m very much looking forward to seeing. On the home front, I also still have a number of filmed sessions, and custom videos I have yet to release, but again finding the time is the most challenging part. Anything I do myself is always posted to Spanking Library, which is the only clips for sale type of site I utilize.

MissChriss1ATS: Is there anything else you would like to comment on?

MISS CHRIS: This interview has been stellar, Mitch! I think you’ve gotten all the angles, and asked a bunch of new questions I’ve never been asked before. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about myself and my business!

ATS: Miss Chris, thanks again for taking the time to chat with us. Your wisdom, dedication, and focus are welcomed and needed in our community, and you truly serve as an educator and guide for this thing we do (TTWD). It is important for readers to know that they can read much more about you, your travels, approaches to spanking, and contact vehicles at your website.

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  1. Hisboss says:

    What a terrific interview with a truly unique personality in the spanking world! Miss Chris just sparkles in person, and that absolutely comes across in this interview – well done. Love the pictures as well.

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