Classic yet sobering

Yes, this is a classic style photo of a strong woman tapping a solid hairbrush on her palm awaiting the poor soul who is about to be reddened. Yet, it is always a sobering look at what may happen if one misbehaves or otherwise disappoints the lady with the tools of correction. All you can do in such a situation is bare it, hop over her lap, and take your medicine.


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3 Responses to Classic yet sobering

  1. Darl says:

    please, im too lazy to punctuate, I make way too many typing errors, if it wasn’t for spell check all my mails would look like alphabet soup

  2. PeeJay123 says:

    Really? I would want to try and tickle her lovely legs first! 🙂

  3. Rick Bullard says:

    The last sentense should be the attitude of all of us who are naughty and need correction from time to time.

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