An Interview with Miss Jennifer

MissJ-image10Miss Jennifer is a disciplinarian who is based in Southeast Virgina, but travels extensively to coach and administer spankings to those she works with. She enjoys most aspects of disciplinary life coaching , and openly shares her experiences on her blog (Miss Jennifer, Professional Disciplinarian). Miss Jennifer’s website also contains a wealth of information about her. We were recently fortunate to have Miss Jennifer share some of her experiences with us. I hope you enjoy this interview.

ATS: Miss Jennifer, thanks for taking time from your hectic schedule to chat with us. We certainly appreciate it.

MJ: No problem, Mitch. I am glad to do so.

ATS: You are from Texas, where corporal punishment was known to be a primary means of discipline in homes and schools. Did you experience any of this, and did the prevalence of CP influence your career decision?

MJ: No, there wasn’t any discipline spanking in my parents’ home. No….I didn’t see or hear any of this while I was in school.

ATS: Were you a โ€œborn spanking enthusiast?โ€

MJ: I was born to spank. It’s always been in me. My first time spanking someone was when I was around 5 or 6. I spanked my neighbor’s friends when playing house or school.

You also lived in Europe where you met a Disciplinarian who influenced you. Could you discuss this, please? How did this person influence you, and what did you learn?

MJ: The only thing she did was wake me up to the fact that adults need it too. She also taught me that there were different types of spankees.

ATS: Do you know what various implements actually feel like in action, and do you consider this important?

MJ: Yes, I know what each would feel like. Yes, it is very important what each implement can do or is capable of doing, but most importantly how to control the implement and not the implement control you.

ATS: Your practice is unique, at least as far as I know, among high profile Disciplinarians in that you travel quite extensively to spank in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Could you share an interesting story about these travels?

MJ: It doesn’t matter what country I go to spank….they are like the boys and girls in the US. Another interesting story was when I was on the plane, the guy next to me says he needs to be disciplined when he was chatting with me….he said this out of nowhere. When I told him I am like a life coach. He then says he has a lot of stressful problems as a President….hahaha. I heard that many times before. We started talking, and I asked him many questions. The way he answered my questions I knew he wouldn’t mind being spanked, and could use my help. He gave me his business card….asking me for help still not knowing I spank. So I emailed him a week later, explained what I do and how, and how that will help him and make him feel….Later I saw him for a spanking session….. Now he is one of my regulars.

ATS: Wow. That’s an amazing story, and I’m sure your plane mate is a better man for your efforts.

ATS: You offer several types of spankings (e.g., disciplinary, judicial, maintenance) and role play scenarios. Do you have a favorite or favorites?

MJ: I don’t really have a favorite. It would all depend on my spankee. For example, when I see they are enjoying it well that makes it a favorite for me with them. It would all depend on each individual. With one I like very much mother/son role play; with another I may like the corporal session because they really get into it….What I am trying to say is that….I enjoy when they enjoy and vice versa.

ATS: The implement page on your website is always growing. If you were stranded with only one implement to handle all spanking duties, which one would it be? Why?Missj-image139

MJ: Brush because it is the old traditional way of spanking plus I can brush my hair since I am stranded ๐Ÿ™‚

ATS: As a petite woman, you obviously pack quite a wallop in your spanking delivery. How do you maintain the strength and stamina to address all spanking styles, and the most unruly spankees?

MJ: I don’t know. I have no idea. I just do it. I guess you get a lot of energy automatically when it is something you enjoy and love to do.

ATS: Do you offer DVDs or clips that your fans may purchase?

MJ: No, I do not.

ATS: Do you have any plans to do so?

MJ: No, I have no interest.

ATS: Have you worked with any of the spanking studios?

MJ: No, I have not, and do not want to.

ATS: Which celebrity do you think deserves a punishment spanking now?

MJ: Many people and not just celebrities have areas of their lives that need improvement. Many also have failed to improve or change on their own. They may have tried various methods other than spankings without being successful. Examples of this are folks who need to lose weight and have tried many methods or to stop drinking alcohol excessively and can’t seem to do it. A punishment spanking could benefit people in these types of situation, since getting a hard spanking and having a sore bottom for a while can be a great reminder and incentive to change. Many of my spankees have lost weight or stopped drinking excessively or have made changes in other areas after receiving punishment spankings directed at these areas. I should add that it’s not just getting the swats that produces this change, but it’s also talking together and developing a positive relationship and trust with me as their disciplinarian….But I guess for me it would be Paris Hilton Why? She looks like a spoiled brat. Lol

ATS: Yes, Paris Hilton would be high on many people’s list along with several other spoiled stars and starlets.

ATS: Thinking vanilla now, what is on your iPod at the moment?

MJ: Sorry, but I don’t own Ipod, and I don’t want to. I just use my Samsung Note 2 to listen to music. I have mostly upbeat European music from Germany, Russia, France, & UK for example. I also have few from Kpop.

ATS: Miss Jennifer, thanks again for taking time from to chat with us. You are a most interesting lady who clearly enjoys dispensing the discipline and care that people need to improve their lives or to just learn better behavior. As I was once told, if it takes a spanking to get the point across, so be it.

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  1. gmarie says:

    i would love to meet with you. i have wanting a real spanking ever since i could remenber, but have not ever been lucky enough to get one.

  2. jim currier says:

    interesting thanks jen see you next month

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