Bring back the strap?

Montana Bill Proposes Spanking Instead of Jail Time

According to the bill (which you can read here):

…a person convicted of any offense by a court in this state, whether a misdemeanor or felony, may during a sentencing hearing as provided in 46-18-115 bargain with the court for the imposition of corporal punishment in lieu of or to reduce the term of any sentence of incarceration available to the court for imposition. …

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4 Responses to Bring back the strap?

  1. franey says:

    It is a fair proposition to the breaker of law and order: for juveniles up to 18 yes, after that prison terms are the better option to take naughty and dangerous people out of society to make for a safer society to live in: Corporal punishment is and would make the difference to juveniles who break laws: humiliation, pain, and a written acceptance that he or she will benefit from the cane, strap, or even the whip for the more serious misdemeanors: yes it is a good bill

  2. Muncie says:

    Up to recent times the use of corporal punishment was common across society not just in the criminal justice system and seemed to serve as an affective punishment and deterrent. As long as there are safe guards against excessive force I don’t see any reason why this bill shouldn’t pass.

  3. Tanner says:

    Should apply to those like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan!

  4. MAGENTA says:

    Since submission to CP is at the option of the offender this makes some sense. It certainly is less expensive to the state and allows the law breaker to return to his/her life. Putting people in jail does little good, they only learn more about crime and are further habituated to that life style. Bring back the strap!

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