An interview with The Hunteress

Update – June 3, 2016 – The Hunteress has announced her retirement in August 2016 or earlier

HunteressThe Hunteress (Miss Cassie) is a UK-based Dominatrix who has a particular affinity and expertise in corporal punishment. She has built a stellar reputation in the UK and beyond, and has been described as “a down to earth, grounded woman with a good sense of humour” who possesses “a beauty and physicality that is overwhelmingly intimidating.” Our exposure to The Hunteress reinforces these accolades, and a view of her video work confirms that she is truly an expert. Information on The Hunteress’ video availability can be obtained at her site, Captured By The Hunteress, or at The Hunteress’ pages on Femme Fatale Films. All Things Spanking (ATS) is pleased to present this interview, and to allow our readers to learn more about The Hunteress.

ATS: Miss Cassie, thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity to chat with you. We have long considered you one of the premier corporal punishment practitioners, and are excited to learn more about you.

TH: No problem, flattery will get you everywhere!

ATS: Everyone is always interested in the background story of corporal punishment enthusiasts. How did you come to be interested in this?

TH: Through my early modelling career – I found it interesting that a whole section of society unknown to the general public existed and these people were fascinated by the art of spanking. It was like lifting up a floorboard and finding loads of hidden treasure underneath.

ATS: How long have you been practicing domination?

TH: In a lifestyle capacity, probably most of my adult life in some form or another. In a professional capacity, on and off since 2003.

ATS: Many people feel that a disciplinarian should know what each of their implements feel like in actual use. Have you ever submitted to corporal punishment, and do you experience your “tools” before putting them into use? Why or why not?

TH: Absolutely – one must know what they feel like before dishing them out in my opinion. I have in my early career played a sub in a film, it’s one of those things, you try it, and find out if you like it or not. I’m just not submissive.

ATS: It seems that a growing number of Dommes are taking their talents on the road, and travel quite a bit. Do you have plans to do so, or will you remain a London based talent?

TH: I’m actually based in the North of the UK, although you wouldn’t think it the amount I am in London! I travel all over UK, and sometimes to Berlin. No plans to visit USA. I might embark on a bit of a world tour in 2014, but this takes a lot of planning and 2013 is looking already busy with online projects.

ATS: Is all of your work related to corporal punishment, or do you also practice broader aspects of BDSM? What might those interests be?

TH: Not all corporal punishment no. It used to be, but over the years I have expanded my tastes and areas of enjoyment. This is quite a long list so hopefully you’ll get to the end of it without falling asleep! Ball Kicking (mild to severe), Bastinado, Bondage, CBT, Chastity, Degradation, Electrics, Eye Contact & Speech restrictions, Face slapping, Fantasy Roleplay, Humiliation, Interrogation, Kidnap scenarios, Leather, Latex, Mindfucking, Mummification, Nipple play, Needles, Obedience training, Objectification, Pantyhose/Nylon Fetish, Physical beatdowns, Psychodrama, Rubber, Sensory deprivation, Shoe / Heel / Boot worship, Sitting/Squashing (not face), Spitting, Trampling, Uniforms, Watersports, Wax, Whipping.

ATS: The cane is often considered a uniquely British implement. You are known to be a caning expert, and we have observed some very intense and precise cane-bottomapplications of the cane in your videos. How long did it take you to develop this talent, and do you have any hints for those of us who struggle with the cane but may want to enhance our skills?

TH: I took to it very naturally. I was a keen sportswoman at school and throughout my college years, so my hand-eye co-ordination has always been excellent. I feel that is essential if you want to be good with the cane. My tips for those struggling, keep your eye on the target. Try to ensure the bottom is level with your hips, and stand with the opposite foot (to arm which you are caning with) in front of the other before taking aim.

ATS: Recently, you announced that you would again grant appointments after a long hiatus. I understand there will be a different spin to these sessions, and some caveats for your clients. Could you tell us about this?

TH: Yes the sessions will be filmed – each a new experience, creative, immersive, a lasting memory of a shared moment in time for everyone to enjoy.

ATS: Miss Cassie, thank you again for taking time to chat with us. Best wishes for your future endeavors, and I am sure that if you do get to the USA there will be many willing applicants to experience your many skills.

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3 Responses to An interview with The Hunteress

  1. Alex says:

    Interesting !!
    She has always impressed my physically.
    I think years ago she was doing severe caning only. I’m glad to see she is widening her horizons with more roleplay and psychodramas
    Nice read thanks

  2. Zefram Cochran says:

    ” I have in my early career played a sub in a film” – does anyone the title of the film she’s refering to?

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