Spanking and addiction

How to beat your demons, literally: Siberian psychologists thrash patients with STICKS to help them kick their addictions

. Addicts are lashed across the buttocks with a cane for £60 a session
. Practitioners claim their treatment is based on sound scientific principles
. Beatings ‘release endorphins’ to make patients ‘happier in their skin’
. If patients show signs of sexual pleasure they stop immediately

Siberian psychologists claim they are helping drug, drink or sex addicts kick their habits by literally beating it out of them with corporal punishment.

The painful treatment, which involves lashing addicts on the buttocks, could help cure drug-users such as Pete Doherty or anyone who has failed with other methods, its practitioners claim. …

Read the entire MailOnline article here

Hat tip to The Hunteress for pointing us to this.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Of course it works.

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