You boys deserve a spanking

Here’s the deal, boys. I caught you inappropriately looking at me, and making jokes. So, the last laugh will be mine. We will measure them to satisfy your interests, but then you will receive one bare bottom swat for each inch. These will be full force swats intended to teach you some respect and manners. I assure you I am quite capable of branding the message on your bottoms.


3 thoughts on “You boys deserve a spanking

  1. i am very sorry miss… i was looking at your enormous breasts … also you look hispanic… i should have known better to ogle a hispanic ladies breasts! now i know im in for a lesson in respect for ladies breasts, especially hispanic ones. george

  2. I’m sorry miss, I havn’t learned my lesson, now I’m looking at your stocking tops as well as your breasts. Am I to be taught another lesson?

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