Smack A Bum Day

Happy days are here again. Find a bum, and give it a smack. Link to to read it all and see a video and photos.

Spank That! Celebrate ‘National Bum Smacking Day’ With The Top Celeb Buns!

To all those bum lovers out there, today is your lucky day as, yes that’s right, it’s officially ‘National Bum Smacking Day’ and here at Entertainmentwise we believe in celebrating such occasions to the fullest.

We have to say that while us normal folk might show off impeccable buns, we’ve been wondering exactly whose derrière we wouldn’t mind giving a sly spanking to on this happy day. From Rihanna to Kylie Minogue celebville is packed with gorgeous stars with juciy buns and more than a fair few that we’d love to get our hands on. …

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One Response to Smack A Bum Day

  1. franey says:

    a bare ass, bottom bum, I suppose one could use posterior for the celenrity status of human being male/female I imagine in the shower every naked body is beautiful old/young the only difference is one’s age at judgeing from my own petite ass at 66 a spanking is a spanking the feelings remain the same for all: I would accept loads of the celeb’s are deserving of the paddle like most of humanity so don’t be putting them on the pedestal low or high there bottoms are as tender as yours and mine: I would like very much if I receieved a comment on my email about my comment

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