An Interview with MaMa Blue

MaMa Blue is a well known adult spanking enthusiast and disciplinarian whom I have known for several years. She is genuine, caring, sincere, down-to-earth, and very focused on helping those she works with to achieve the intended results. There is an adage about “no gain without pain.” Well, be careful what you wish for with MaMa Blue. She will help you make gains, and love and care for you while doing so.

ATS: MaMa, Thank you for agreeing to this interview. You are quite open about your spanking interests. How did your vanilla friends and family react to the knowledge that you have a kink albeit a relatively mild one in the big scheme of things?

MaMa: I’m rather humbled by your description of me being “well known,” this will no doubt make a few more folks acquainted with me so thank you so much for the interest in what I do. *smiles* I’m very much an “out of the woodshed” spanker. My thoughts and what works for me is that if I believe in what I do I need not hide who I am. My family and friends all know that I’m a Professional Maternal Disciplinarian, and are completely supportive of my lifestyle in all respects. Being that they know me they trust me not to be engaging in activities harmful to myself or anyone else. It has many times opened a dialogue for me to educate many vanillas about this thing that we do (TTWD).

ATS: Where do you think your interests came from? How do you identify yourself?

MaMa: I believe wholeheartedly that I was born a spanko. I’m just wired differently from others, and learned a very long time ago that it really doesn’t matter where “it” comes from. What matters most is that I accept this part of myself. I have no problem freely sharing that I, for the most part, began my journey on the other side of the lap a few decades ago. To be able to trust someone enough to submit to, ask for, and endure a spanking is quite an intimate exchange. By intimate I am speaking about the emotional connection one encounters during a session whether that be to feel safe, loved, valued, and so on. To know that another cherishes you enough to hold you accountable? What an incredible feeling and one I am now blessed to give to many others. My own experiences as a spankee have enriched my ability to be a competent and loving spanker as well as my natural motherly demeanor. I’ve been a Top now for a few decades too. The term “Top” suits me best….it simply implies the ability to be in charge or to guide.

ATS: You have a large following of friends on various social media sites. Do you stay in touch with many of these folks, or are they merely fans who keep up with you in that manner?

MaMa: Truly, many of the folks I’m friendly with I have actually met in one fashion or another from in person to skype to chatting online. I’m a people person and as long as someone is respectful and exhibits authenticity I make time to visit with them. One way is through my own chatroom on Spanko.Net. The room name is MaMaBlues_OTK_Manor, and can be accessed from the chat room list. I try to visit a few times a day as I can.

I have recently posted some videos on of actual sessions so I guess it is fair to say I have some “fans.” To be honest, I am still getting used to that concept. When someone messages to say, “Hey! I really liked that scene with you & spike,” I’m compelled to express gratitude for kind words but also to gently voice it was not a scene. The videos are simply real sessions. Nothing scripted, acted, etc. I will leave those kinds of spanking videos to the experts of that genre.

ATS: Do you think of yourself as an entertainer, a therapist, something different?

MaMa: Hmmmmm, I’m not an entertainer however, I know I can be entertaining, LOL. I consider myself more of a spanking life coach who mothers everyone and mentors those who need me to. It is challenging to describe oneself so I rely on the feedback of others. Often people tell me upon initial communication that I “sound too good to be true.” Talk about pressure!!! Once I get to meet someone face to face they find that who they met online, saw in a video, and so on, is exactly who they are meeting. What you see is what you get *big grin*

ATS: What is your typical spanking style, and how much faith do you put in pre-play and after-care? Do you always use pre- and post-spanking care?

MaMa: My style is somewhat specific as I’m a maternal & loving but serious disciplinarian. There is nothing remotely sexual in the services I offer to those I work with….often everyday people with a willingness to work on issues, resolve conflicts, improve behaviors, and even purge themselves of guilt. Sometimes it’s even just for fun or stress relief (my fave)! In regards to pre-play? MaMa does not play! What I do is make sure I have spent time getting to know someone so that I fully understand their needs, perspective, and boundaries. Honest & open communication is vital to ensuring that there will be a positive outcome when things come to an end. An encounter with me often involves lecturing, scolding, and of course a very real spanking which always makes an impact, followed with aftercare: lotion for a sore bottom, motherly hugs and/or cuddling, and post spanking discussion as needed. A spanking, as I already stated, is an intimate experience/exchange that brings up a plethora of emotions. Gentle comforting when it concludes can be the very thing that helps one accept and feel good about their decision to submit to punishment/discipline. Yes, I always use pre and post care.

ATS: What sort of clients do you get?

MaMa: I do not have clients. I have adult boys, girls, spankees, sons, daughters, mentees, or whatever “label” one is comfortable applying to themselves that suits how they and I feel about the relationship we share and take the time to build together. No matter how long I have been doing this my POV is simple: you are a person first and a bottom last! The sort of people I “get” are those who have shown me that they are: real, earnest, honest, and serious. While I’m a “Pro” that does not obligate me to meet with everyone that wishes to see me. I have a stringent screening process that’s not negotiable. It is set in place to ensure compatibility on both sides. Regardless of how often I meet with someone we have a real bond and I make myself available, within reason, in between scheduled visits via the phone, email, texting or in person just for coffee or perhaps a lunch. I love the people I am blessed to work with…if I can not care about you as a person and grow to love you then I can not spank you!!!!

ATS: Do you always give your clients a safeword? Even if it is a full-fledged punishment?

MaMa: This may not be a popular response, but I don’t utilize safewords with my spankees and especially not for punishment. By the time someone makes it across my lap we have invested much time in one another…they trust me as I do them. I pay very close attention to physical cues, tones of voice, and simply know when I have taken someone to the “edge” and should stop. Shouldn’t you already feel “safe” before you engage in a spanking with someone? If the fear is that one might have a medical issue then just say, “Hey! I think I’m having a heart attack,” or “Wow! My leg is really cramping up” rather than scramble to recall a word you’re suppose to blurt out. I had a fellow once that was bound and determined to be tawsed for a set length of time. He’d even purchased the implement and a sand timer for our meeting. It was determined that once we were nearing the end (no pun intended) the timer would be set and the tawsing finale, if you will, to begin. Approximately 2 minutes in I stopped. I told him we were done and began the aftercare activities. He was rather sad that I did not do the full 5 minutes he wanted. I took a quick pic with my digital camera to show him that he was done whether he wished to go on or not. If he’d had a “safeword” he wouldn’t have used it…grateful I spank on the bare so I can SEE what is happening to the skin. Just another way to make sure people are indeed safe!

ATS: What is in your collection of implements? Any favorites?

MaMa: So recently I was told that I should attend a support group for implement hoarders. “Hello, my name is MaMa Blue and I’m addicted to collecting spanking implements.” Keep in mind it is my spankees that think I need such help and intervention. Currently, I have 140+ items. Is that excessive? I call it being well prepared and variety is, as they say, the spice of life. I’ve got paddles, spanking sticks, spoons, bath brushes, hair brushes, belts, switches, canes, straps, crops, spatulas, and more. They range from exotic woods to leather to acrylics to rubber and it just goes on. Some of my faves are: my prized antique celluloid hairbrush, leather slapper, wooden gourmet spoon from France, heart shaped leather paddle, my cocobolo paddle, and my own two hands! I simply adore getting implement gifts and currently have a sweet boy that makes things for me all the time. He’s so creative.

ATS: Is there anything else you would like us to know, MaMa?

MaMa: Is it okay to share that someday I’m going to be spanking the interviewer of ATS? No? Alrighty, then I’m done for now. Peace and Big Hugs!

ATS: Thank you for your time, MaMa. I better scurry to post this quickly before you decide we have “something to discuss.” You truly are a loving, caring woman with something to fit every bottom, and the drive to be helpful.

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17 Responses to An Interview with MaMa Blue

  1. Mike Ruth says:

    Great interview with a fantastic lady. As a Daddydom myself, I completely appreciate her views on the many aspects of spanking from discipline to stress relief and the mindset that being a parental disciplinarian entails. I am proud to consider her a friend and confidant within and outside of the lifestyle.

  2. faraney says:

    MaMa Blue sure explains her roll effecttively as many a sore bottom will vouch for: I am a believer in MaMa Blue method of correction and by golly I would not like to be otk with her 140 instruments for spanking especially her heart shaped paddle: That heart is a painful one but I am certain MaMa Blue is a loving one and with no safe words she can be trusted and will even save one from a heart attack while over her knee: I wonder is that the only position she accepts is the best one for naughty boys?girls:

  3. Tom says:

    A most interesting lady. But where is she, and does she have a website and e mail address?

  4. MaMa Blue says:

    @Mike: Thanks my dear friend, I adore you!
    @faraney: While I like having a naughty one across my lap I also use a variety of positions 🙂
    @Tom: You may contact me through my profile. Working on a website but that is a process, Whew! Spanko is free to join and I have a very extensive bio posted there.

  5. nun_ya says:

    Still waiting to see the video with spike 😉

  6. MaMa Blue says:

    @nunya: You are a BRAT! I love you though!

  7. Pinkie says:

    (((((MaMa)))))) !!!!

    I am so very proud of you. You did such a great job with this interview! So articulate. So fun. So YOU. 🙂 I wov my MaMa!!! 🙂


  8. Yoheinis says:

    Good Job !


  9. MaMa Blue says:

    @pinkie: I love you too sweetheart!

  10. kath85 says:

    You are “GREAT” as you are really a true person…
    I’m proud to know and have you in my life MaMa…
    Love you… *big hug*

  11. Hi Mama, Spanksbadgirls here, well this is just after I chatted with you in the room when you pm’d me and yes I was flurting with you lol.,(inside joke).

    I was reading the comments, and yes NunYa is a real brat, trust me I know but thats another story lol.

    I love y our interview, as you know im actually a switch so I have and will be on both ends. I agree and I am the same with people, although I didint realize your a pro. Is kinda the way I was/ am thinking oeaning toward the pro. Ive got over ten years in this and had my own subbie for almost as long.

    I love y our regard for people as you said, person first, bottom later. I also think part of the reason I switch also is because to me, I think its a good idea anyway to get it once in a while , to make sure im back down to earth about things or never left lol. I feel that I should be reminded that what it feels like when I spank someone else.

    I also have this philosophy when I spank. If someone is willing or thinks enough of you to bare their bottom and take the discipline/punishment or whatever the situation dictates, Its always my job to care about them and watch out for them just as you said. I am a lot like you in that I do things the same way and have this fatherly thing/mentor/ style going also. Its what im the most comfortable with and I love to help people with problems, etc just as you do and the way you do it.

    You are sweet person, extrememly smart as anyone can tell just listening to you and i think you set the bar/example of what a Top should be and how to conduct your self. Newbies who want to be tops are well advised to listen to your wisdom. Its like i used to preach at work with people I trained, the person who thinks they know everything and are always right is the true idiot. We never stop learning as you know and you expimplify that in the way you conduct yourself and treat people.

    I will shut u p now but something I just had to say, bye for now everyone, take care, Greg, (Spanksbadgirls) on the spanko site.

  12. nun_ya says:

    @MaMaBlue ~ me a Brat?? i’m shocked :O i’m a sweet, innocent, angel 😛 and where’s that video?
    @Greg, now You of all people know first hand (and belt and everything else You used on me) how much of an angel i am 😛 i’m not a brat *giggles*

  13. MaMa Blue says:

    @Greg: Big Hugs Darling!!!! BTW: Clearly states on my profiles (everywhere) I’m a Pro. We really need to discuss your reading skills (kotc).
    @nunya: I think EVERYONE knows you are Brat! However, a very loveable one. The video is coming soon….harp at ssu would ya?

  14. nun_ya says:

    LOL …. @ssu if you are reading this, WHERE’S THE VIDEO *giggles* @MaMaBlue, i am one of the “goodliest” brats there is this side of the Mississippi 😀 and i gotta say, Greg tried to keep me in line and did a good job of it AND i kept Him on His toes for awhile 😀

  15. ItalianSpanker says:

    A very down to earth, honest person. I’ve never seen a more dedicated woman to the art and lifestyle of spanknig.

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  17. mj says:

    Very Good interview.
    Love all of MamaBlue response and to get to know her better.


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