Well spanked

This young lady’s bottom has been well spanked and is quite red … as it should be. She is now standing in the corner, and not allowed to rub or touch her bottom so there is no relief to the sting and pain she feels.

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7 Responses to Well spanked

  1. Jeff says:

    Thats the way naughty cheeks are supposed to look. I would have finished up with some well deserved smacks to the tops of her thighs as well. Wish someone would give me a spanking like that.

  2. franey says:

    corner time and not allowed to touch or rub her bottom, that is real punishment for wrong doing as the Mammy/Daddy woman/man must have known she sure deserved that red bottom for her naughtiness: I wonder somewhat was it a male/female hand that dished out this red bottom or does it make a difference the sex of the one who dishes outa spanking I have receieved an equally sore bottom from both and smetimes the woman has thought me the sorer lesson: a good old fashioned spanking in days gone by the girls felt their mammies hand while the boys got their Father’s belt from him: strange but alot of truth in what I say: A bare bottom spanking is painfull no matter the hamd laying it on: corporal punisment well that is a different scenario again: equality of the giver makes no difference to the receiever

  3. Jeff says:

    I agree franey. It doesn’t matter which gender is administering the spanking, a woman is just as capable as a man in delivering a very severe spanking, in fact sometimes more so. I know from experience.

  4. franey says:

    I still admire this bottom as it displays a good spanking has taken place: She sure must me in pain. petite bottom cheeks too hopefully she will not deserve one for some time:

  5. Kemo says:

    Thats not a lady’s backside! That’s the disciplinarian Dana Kanes bottoms bottom!!
    Seen enough pics of that on her site to know it!

  6. sixofthebest says:

    Yes, I am all in favor of humiliation of a naughty woman. Whereupon she displays her knickered bottom, before she is spanked. and her caned naked rear end after, for all to see.

  7. Tommy says:

    Surely that is a boy!!!

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