Red cards mean red bottoms

Many players in today’s soccer match received red cards. Under new league rules, a red card means disqualification from the match and a post-match spanking from the referee.

4 Responses to Red cards mean red bottoms

  1. Avatar Jaimarie
    Jaimarie says:

    only if it is televised

  2. Makes me wish I was still coaching soccer…

  3. I coached soccer, I never gave red bottoms but red cards in plenty: I guess they ones who received my red cards might have thought twice if I spanked their neat cheeks or used my belt on them: Exposing a full soccer team to a spanking sure would deserve a red card to the giver of the punishments on such unique shaapes and sizes of bare arse cheeks: Bend over Ref.

  4. Yes, all red cards in female soccer games should have this rule. If given a red card, a woman soccer play should have to take down her shorts, and on her bare bottom a good spanking is given, that matches the red card.