The nurse gives a spanking

When the doctor orders that you take medication, she expects that you will take the medication! Do you understand? How else can we help you? Next time, I will use the hairbrush. Got it?

This appears to be an older Nu-West/Ledo photo. Goes anyone know the participants?

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6 Responses to The nurse gives a spanking

  1. Bryan says:

    The video is NuWest NWV-154 Potpourri #3 and I think the spanker is Janet Beckwith and the spankee is Peaches.

  2. Darl says:

    With all my health issues I could use a nurse like this. I forget my meds all the time.

  3. George says:

    Hey! Don’t disobediant older naughty boy patients get taken over nurse’s knee too? Maybe nurse would have to call for Sister to carry out spanking treatment on a full grown man? Sister is a very busy lady and would be extreemly annoyed by this interruption; however, would be happy to fit regular daily spankings into her busy timetable, to make sure the patient takes his medicine! If Sister’s spanking therapy did not work then Matron may have to be called for!

  4. George says:

    If Matron had to be called for, she would probably call all lower grade female nurses and students to a training room, to show how a female nurse should deal with a disobedient male patient. It could turn into a practical lesson, so all female nurses could get used to HANDS ON methods, when dealing with unruley or disobedient male patients!

  5. celest adams says:

    i only wish i had a nurse like this growing up . she only used her hand, when mother spanked she used her hairbrush . the result was the same
    hairbrush /hand over a knee = naughty girl bare bottom crying

  6. kevin m smith says:

    I forget my meds all the time. and sometimes i get into arguments with people here and i feel like i need to be taken over the knee for a good spanking here so the nurse can teach me a lesson here and i dont follow my Dr’s orders at times here either so i think i need a nurse to whollop my bottom with a belt here to teach me a good lesson and to follow her directions for my own good then give me a deep iminjection shot too so that way i do follow her directions for my own good.

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