A spanking should be on a bare bottom

And, Michaela McGowen of Firm Hand Spanking looks like she has a very spankable bottom under her clothes. I wonder how long it takes to have it bare, and well spanked?

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7 Responses to A spanking should be on a bare bottom

  1. sixofthebest says:

    A spanking given to a naughty woman, should always be on the bare bottom. There are many reasons. The pain she feels is greater. Her humiliation, that of nudity intensified.

  2. NJSpank says:

    Any beautiful lady who dresses in such a lovely dress has earned the warm up over her dress and then panty. I love clothed spanking prior to the bare bottom, the sounds and feelings are delightful.

  3. Jerry says:

    A woman who has a sexy butt should ALWAYS be spanked bare bottom. For me it adds to the thrill of pulling her panties down for the first time and setting your eyes upon her bare, naked butt cheeks. It is also very EROTIC. It adds to your total control over her. Plus, watching her cheeks jiggle and turn red are very boner producing.

  4. Fatherjim says:

    With a bottom and face for that matter, like Michaela’s, just seeing it is a treat! Spanking such a bottom is a treasure and spanking it bare is a dream!

    Her facial beauty and expressions match her calypigian beauty! She is truly the whole package! One of Firm Hands true delights (of which they have many!!!)


  5. Targetarear says:

    I agree with NJSpank. A proper spanking should always start off with the spankee fully clothed. Peeling away layer after layer of clothing is part of the eerotic ecitement of spanking. As for the lady in this picture, I can only say she is truly beautiful. Nice figure, nice legs and a shapely bottom that fills out that demure skirt perfectly. Oh how I wish I were able to spank her.

  6. franey says:

    No, I don’t agree, If I have summoned the naughty girl to my office for a spanking as is the order in our firm: She knows immediately I mean business and therefore prolonging the undressing bit makes her embarrassed as she does not like to be lectured to: I send her to the corner facing the wall to think about her wrong doing: then I call her over, kneel her down and hold he chin while I tell her this is what is going to happen. I always ask have you a clean bottom ? More often than not the answer is in the affirmative Yes Sir. Do you have wee’s nearly always the answer is yes, So I send them off to toilet: Being fair to a degree as they can wipe their bottom if it a bit shitty>; Back in my office, to the corner and undress to your knickers/panties or what ever: Hands on your head and get over here: I turn her around, open cheeks, yes you did not lie, you have a clean bottom. Over you get then. most times I place a cushion to uplift her bottom and spank away for 15 minutes with all the wriggling and exposing of her naugties. then off to the corner to rub the pain away

  7. dana says:

    i am a 42 yr old woman who has never been spank not even as a child.i am bossy,sassy,fighter.its always my way.i tell people what to do.i get in fights in bars with bitches i usually start them.i think my first spank should be bare bottom no pant or panties on.how would you spank me?

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