One comment on “Easter spanking

  1. I was in the Chech Republic on the Monday after Easter a few times and spanked a number of women myself. Most of them were waitresses and the spankings take place on the bared bottom. When a waitress would spot someone holding that little whip she would turn around lift her very short dress and slip down her panties. Even though you cannot hit them that hard, one middle aged women received quite a few of these and her bottom was quite red and it looked sore. Another women and her sister told me and my male guests that they receved spankings at home from her ten year old son and even younger nephew, plus her husband, uncle, father, father-in-law and a few other male guests. And those were administered to their bare bottoms also as she demonstrated to me!!! Again, even though you are suppose to only tap her bottom, their bottoms looked quite sore as well.
    Great stuff!!!

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