Ms. Harriet Marwood: An Interview

Ms. Harriet Marwood is a Professional Disciplinarian and Spankologist based in New York City. She is a worldly, creative, intelligent, no-nonsense lady who addresses the real or “concocted” behavioral problems of naughty boys and girls of all (consenting) ages. She takes her inspiration from a renowned, stern English governess of longstanding literary fame.

Recently, Ms. Marwood was kind enough to grant All Things Spanking an interview that covered a wide swath of her activities and interests.

ATS: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Ms. Marwood.

HM: It’s a pleasure, Mitch.

ATS: Everyone is always interested in the background story of spanking enthusiasts. How did you come to be interested in administering discipline and spankings?

HM: Actually, I had a boyfriend many years ago who was quite an expert on the subject. He introduced me to spanking, and I took to it immediately. Probably much to his dismay at times!

ATS: How long have you been active as a disciplinarian?

HM: I don’t really know for sure. It must be about 10 years or so of specializing in spanking.

ATS: Many people feel that a disciplinarian should know what each of their spanking implements feel like in actual use. Have you ever been spanked, and do you experience your “tools” before putting them into use? Why or why not?

HM: I agree that anyone who intends on using spanking implements should receive at least a few whacks themselves with each type of tool. About 20 years ago when my boyfriend and I used to play, there was this large strap that I enjoyed using on him which I called the warm-up strap. My boyfriend was very stoic, and I could NOT tell from his responses that it was in fact one of the harshest tools he owned. He could take it, though, and we laughed about this when he finally told me the truth about that strap. But when I decided to do this professionally, he insisted that I should experience what all the implements felt like. That gave me the confidence to know that I could deliver the exact appropriate “consequences” to each client. No more, no less. So, yes, I do know quite well what most implements feel like. I have rec’d many gifts in the years since then, so there are now some things I have never felt. But I do make a point to ask my poor “victims” to quite vividly describe anything new when I first bring it out. So I know if it’s stingy or thuddy, harsh, moderate or light.

ATS: Your website indicates that you “address the behavioral problems of naughty boys of all (consenting) ages.” Do you actually restrict your disciplinary activity to boys/men? Don’t girls misbehave, too? Why have you chosen this route?

HM: I have male and female clients. Lots of women crave a good spanking, too. I have worded things as I have on my website because the vast preponderance of people seeking my services are men. Women, in general, are very rarely inclined to seek out professional discipline providers. For one thing, they have a much easier time finding people willing to spank them for free. For another, many are just more reticent to do so than the men are. The ones who have come to me over the years are usually serious “spankos” who have gotten frustrated when they try to meet someone socially by whom they can get spankings. Ultimately, they find that, even though their (male) partner promises there will be no sexual component — that It will be just pure discipline – too often, that is not the case. Sometimes the male participant doesn’t mean for sex to enter into it, but it’s clear at a certain point to the female partner that he’s getting aroused regardless of his intent This is uncomfortable for the women involved. At this point, they seek me out so they can have the relief of knowing that (a) I know how to get the job done and (b) they don’t have to worry about any sexual politics.

ATS: Your pictures suggest a petite woman albeit one who exudes power. How do you generate the obvious power and tenacity to properly chastise a naughty bottom?

HM: First of all, Mitch, we are all sane adults. All participants agree that even if the man wants to play the contrary, uncooperative brat, I am not going to manhandle him. I can’t literally force a full grown man to comply as I could with a child, and I’m not getting into a wrestling match with a full-grown man. Obviously, all sane clients tacitly agree to submit to the ultimate consequences of a spanking session. That being said, I don’t put up with any nonsense. I know what I’m doing, and I will address whatever wrongdoing the person is guilty of directly and deal with them head on. I have a way of getting naughty boys and girls to behave. I know what threats to make to keep them in line and my threats are not idle ones. People who find themselves in my “Spankatorium” do as they’re told. Or they are very, very sorry.

ATS: It seems that a growing number of spankologists are taking their talents on the road, and travel quite a bit. Do you have plans to do so, or will you remain a New York City based talent?

HM: I am a very private person. I am very happy limiting my exposure to the people who want to come visit me in my little Spankatorium. I provide a private, secret sanctuary here for the lovely, very carefully selected people I take into it and share these very personal experiences with. They like knowing that I am as dedicated to preserving the sanctity and privacy of this activity as they are, and can therefore relax, assured they have a safe place and someone they can trust. I think that’s important. When I travel I am my regular vanilla self, and that is how I want the rest of planet Earth to think of me.

ATS: Not too long ago, you started offering life coaching sessions that might or might not include spanking. This seems to be a growing trend, and one that is rife for development in our opinion. How has this venture been going, and how does it truly differ from a pure spanking session?

HM: Actually, I have been engaged in Spanking Life Coaching programs for over 10 years. I just didn’t call it that. Many people came to me to correct real life issues using corporal discipline as a deterrent. I realized that I had an almost 100% success rate in all of these cases. So I decided to delineate it on my website so that people who never realized it was available to them would know about it. People who love spanking take to this type of Coaching program like fish to water! They are already predisposed to respond to instructional discipline. When you insert real life goals and issues that they just haven’t been able to get a handle on all by themselves into a spanking disciplinary model, it works wonders. The person can release the guilt and frustration of trying to manage YET ONE MORE THING on their very busy plates and turn it over to me to manage for them. Additionally, I can give them a distinctive consequence for not following through. A consequence they cannot provide for themselves. Most of these people are men… and very high powered, busy, successful men with families. They have enough to juggle every day. This is one thing they can put in my capable hands. I manage the goal setting and hold them accountable for their incremental results. It is very satisfying for me to see the wonderful progress these people make when we partner on fixing problems they’d probably never get around to addressing otherwise. Also, most people agree that a spanking is much more exciting when it’s given for REAL reasons, rather than just as a fantasy.

ATS: We see that you also offer tutorials or “how to” lessons to help folks properly develop their spanking skills. Could you chat about that for a moment?

HM: Oh, those are really fun! Usually – though not always — this involves couples and couples are great to play with. It’s gratifying to see the shy partner, usually the non-spanko, discover that they really can learn how to administer discipline safely and effectively to their partner without harming them. When I can start by demonstrating this, the non-spanko usually sees how much their partner wants and enjoys this and it often takes away the hesitancy that they harbored, often for many years. This frees the couple to explore and play and grow even closer. Even if it doesn’t become as prominent as the spanking enthusiast would like it to be, it often erases the fear and the judgments many partners have about their spouse’s predilection. Other times, tutorials are for someone who loves to be spanked but he (as most of my clients are men) has decided he wants to start Topping. He wants to be a safe and competent partner. An effective spanker. Sub partners are more apt to want a repeat performance if their Top knows what he’s doing and can make them feel not only controlled but also well-spanked without being abused. Sometimes we include a colleague of mine on whom they can practice. She has a very spankable bottom, and can endure a proper dose of discipline! The most important thing about learning to spank is to know how to lay on strokes safely and for the appropriate effect. You also need to know how to read your partner’s cues so you can escalate and back off as needed. People who have been spanked are great students because they know how it feels to be on the other side. A lot of people are more relaxed practicing these techniques with an expert who can correct them, and who will also not judge them or have any expectations of them while they’re learning.

ATS: Ms. Marwood, you present a fascinating picture of what a focused disciplinarian and spankologist should be like. There is so much more we could chat about, but alas time is running out. Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you, or to consider in this grand world of spanking?

HM: I always want everyone to play safely. When you, dear reader, are the spanker, always remember that is a human being over your knee or bench or couch who has entrusted themselves into your care. Make sure you take the time to talk, share, and get to know one another. Especially the Tops. It’s your responsibility to give your bottom the discipline they need, to the degree they crave it, but to also make them feel safe enough to relax and trust that no harm will come to them. Without that, people can’t get full enjoyment from a spanking.

ATS: Thanks for your time, Ms. Marwood. It’s always a pleasure to communicate with you. Oh, a “little birdie” told me that the folks at Cane-iac have designed a specific paddle for you. How did “The Marwood” come to be?

HM: That’s a funny story. I was conversing with them one day and I mentioned that my favorite School Paddle, which I’d had for many years, finally broke during a session. I said I had looked to get another one on their website, but that all their inventory was thicker than I wanted my paddle to be. The next thing I know, I get an email from them saying they were experimenting with prototypes to design a paddle made to my previous one’s specifications. Now we have the official Marwood School Paddle, and everyone can have one of their very own! They also made a more petite OTK version of that paddle, which, I’ve been told by those who should know, is extremely stinging as well. By the way, I encourage all your readers to visit the website. They have so many great implements and articles and other spanking related things. They are lovely people and their merchandise is quite reasonably priced, yet also very durable and effective. The items hold up quite well under strenuous use. I should know! You can find other websites where the implements are fancier or prettier – and more expensive — but they don’t get the job done any better. The people at are very helpful and accommodating and are great about getting you what you need, oftentimes even if you don’t see it in their catalog. I recommend them highly.

ATS: Thank you, again, Ms. Marwood.

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