Celebrity spanking

The Sun (UK) recently conducted an interview with Jill Halfpenny. While many of the questions and answers are titillating, the following was of particular interest to we spanking enthusiasts. Whack away!

Q: You’ve stripped on tour for Calendar Girls but would you go as far as Keira Knightley and be spanked by Michael Fassbender for a movie?

A: Forget the movie — and the money for that matter — I’ll just be spanked by Michael Fassbender.

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3 Responses to Celebrity spanking

  1. tim. says:

    Jill is a pretty English actress ,best,tim.

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  3. franey says:

    celebruty or not if they deserve a spanking then they must get one: Nice petite bottom too: I hope she sure got a doz or more of the paddle as that would teach her a lesson not to be forgotten and frighten her off not to come back in a long time Nice Cheeks and anxious look in the waiting

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