She’s dressed for a spanking

Just bend her over something, and her skirt will hike up to expose the sweet spot for a spanking. That sweet crease where the bottom meets the thigh will be perfectly accessible for a strong dose of the strap. Snap-swishhh- smaccccccckkkkk!!!


2 Responses to She’s dressed for a spanking

  1. Jerry

    As her Uncle, I always hope that she would be caught shop-lifting !….(Otherwise it’s harder to justify taking the rubber-soled slipper to her bare bottom…savvy ?!)

  2. Jason

    Well, we’ve seen many short skirts….how about those elegant and sassy pencil skirts. Imagine one of these pretty girls wearing a pencil dress/skirt, with her arms on her heads, showing her beautiful underarms, while her manager does a run-up caning, producing loud cracks for each “swoosh” …well it’s priceless.

    Maybe a dress/skirt like this one here will make a good job :)

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