I’m ready to give you a paddling you will never forget!

With her delectable lap, wicked paddle, and imposing posture, this promises to be an OTK spanking that will surely get someone’s attention. Our “target” is currently off-camera preparing for the inevitable. Preparing, in this case, consists of girding one’s courage to accept a spanking, biting one’s lip, and baring one’s bottom. However, be quick about it as any unusual delay will only worsen things.

Via A Bottom is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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3 Responses to I’m ready to give you a paddling you will never forget!

  1. Darl says:

    Beautiful legs, wish they had me over them…

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  3. George says:

    Ooooh! she is so solid and muscular, in spite of her smaller size. I always think that I’m too big to be spanked, but an assertive woman like her would seem quite capable of teaching me that I’ll never be too big to be spanked! She would definately accommodate me, quite comfortably, across her knee. But I wouldn’t be sitting too comfortably after she had dealt with me!

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